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11 Best Weight Loss Exercises For Women

by Bharti
11 Best Weight Loss Exercises For Women

These days after the period of lockdown has started, people are now automatically switching to some healthy options. Now be that not visiting restaurants often or be that more of the workout being done on daily basis. If you want to stay fit and healthy in long run, you of course, need to pay extra attention to your weight gain. Since the movement during this lockdown period must have drastically reduces. It is obvious for you to have gained quite a month of weight. To shed those unnecessary calories there are some of the best weight loss exercises that you can perform.

Interval Training

When you work out during intervals, it at least gives your body a better strength and you shall eb able to avail the advantages of cardio as well. It helps to increase the fat burning in the small span. Such type of workout includes alternative between the short bursts of efforts.

This type of workout basically reset the metabolism to a high rate during the workout. This usually takes quite a long time for the body to get calm down again. It is also called as excess post exercise oxygen consumption. This mean you need to burn the calories after long time one you are done working out.

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Some people love it while some hate it. But let us not deny the fact that it is one of the best ways by which you can burn those unncesray calories. You don’t have to buy a treadmill for this. Simply wear you running shoes and simply hit the road.

You need to however run in the intervals that is speeding up and slowing down the race. This helps to cover the miles quickly and you will be able to see the difference with your own eyes. You need to pick up the street that you gives you both the mountain path and the sliding path so that running becomes easy for you.

Strength Training

 You can also focus on the strength training for weight loos. To shed those pounds, you might want to focus on building the muscles. For this you can consider the option of circuit training. It usually includes to move quickly from one workout to another.

This would increase the possibly of losing more than 30% of the calories as compared to the typical weight workout. For strength training, you can always choose the workout that has weights since it can build the muscle while burning nearly 10 calories every minute.

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Even 30 minutes of brisk walking very day can help you lose weight to a great extent. Basically, it is like losing 150 calories a day. You can always start your walk with 3 days a week for at least 320 minutes and then slowly increase it to 60 minutes every day. Your body needs one day complete rest so make sure you perform the walk at least six times a week.

Masala Bhangra

You might be hearing this one for the first time but it focuses the upper body absolutely. It helps in toning down your arms and is also an effective option you can do consider. With this workout, you can lose nearly 500 calories while hearing the Bollywood beats and strengthening the rotator cuff muscles.

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Another amazing option you can do is sprinting. It is an efficient weight loss workout that engages the core body areas where the weight is stuffed the most. It is all about the short durations of the run. It is of course differed as compared to the regular running. Basically, it is to be done at high intensities.

To run slow can be easy for the body since it is not getting excreted. But when it comes to fast running, nearly 80% of your body can work hardy and push it beyond the limits. It is the best workout which not only sheds fats from the body but also stress from mind as well.

Surya Namaskar

It is one of the well practice yoga asana and a healthy weight loss exercise that you need to do. Basically, it is a series of 12 different poses that includes the bhujangasana, the prayer pose, and even the forward bend. It targets the whole body while strengthening the skeletal system and even the ligament. It is a healthy approach to keep your body active while reducing the anxiety and stress.

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This can give the best of your own version. It improves the immunity, stretch muscle, and even enhances the fitness. It is the best option to incorporate in your weight loss regiment. It is all about losing up those unnecessary calories by performing high intensity movement.


This is another cardio workout that gives your body a great scope of losing around 700 calories of weight in just an hour. You can do breaststroke or freestyle. The call is yours but remember, it is the effective exercises form that can he lop you lose weight and even tone down the body. It composes of different muscle groups like back muscle and abdominals that gives a good fitness.

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Exercise Those Abs

Abs needs workout and we all cannot run away from it. To bulk those core muscles, you need to have lot of stretches and even test your limits. You can run aback and even stretch down to the front and butt and even the inner thigh. It is the healthy workout that can give your body a new look to flaunt in the coming wedding sooner.


You may hate it and at some point, would want to give up as well. But of all it is one of the best bodyweight workouts that can help you burn fat. Right from thighs to glutes, it is time to say good bye to those bulging fats with such effective weight loss exercise.

Of all, cardio is the best option. It helps you lose those sheds at a faster pace than anything else. You may want to run on the treadmill to burn those calories or go for the run. Even a walk of one hour is more than enough. But discipline during this course is important. That is why, see to it that no matter what you get up on time and get these workouts done on routine basis. Set the routine and see the difference with your own eyes.