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Weeks 1-4: Pregnancy Symptoms And Your Baby’s Development

by Bharti

Have you being highly indulged in passionate sexual activity for a month and realize it’s a month has passed since your last chums, and you have missed this one. You might get anxious thinking about being pregnant if this is a planned action it’s happy news so just confirm it with pregnancy test kits available in the market at first or check with a doctor. But what if this was an oops moment and even after having safe sex you are pregnant then you must be having various questions in your mind.

After your pregnancy news is confirmed, you will have the first question that since how many weeks are you pregnant, so biologically you are 4 weeks pregnant, as pregnancy is considered from the very first day of your last chums.

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Here are some informative guide who is helpful for you to understand the symptoms & development of the baby in the first 4 weeks.

This article is going to cover the following objects:

·                Pregnancy Symptoms At 4 Weeks Pregnant

·                Other Symptoms:

·                4 Weeks Pregnant Belly And Baby Development

·                Ultrasound At 4th Week Of Pregnancy

·                Precautions & Tips At 4th Week Of Pregnancy

·                Other Tips

Pregnancy Symptoms At 4 Weeks Pregnant:

After missing your periods and confirmed pregnancy news your body is going to have a lot of hormonal changes in the coming days. And you might get to notice slight bleeding or spotting during 4 weeks pregnant as this week the fertilized eggs try to enter your womb, it is implantation bleeding stage and you might get cramps during this period just like you get during chums but there is nothing to be panicked about this situation and just check with doctor for safety.

Remember, at 4th week when you are expecting a baby, you may notice your tummy has grown more than just a poppy seed. It looks quite microscopic. This is a phase when your baby is called a blastocyst. Ideally, it is a small cell ball that is all focused on getting a new home and trying to adjust itself to the environment and that is why some crucial developments would be taking place along with some of the symptoms that you may notice.

A pregnancy hormone that gives you the good news that soon will be coming in your life is the same hormones that will show you the symptoms that can make your weak and tired too. Such types of hormones, can increase at a faster pace and even if it is normal for you to face these signs, but these things can be tiresome.

The place of such hormones can be quite faster and that is why it is quite common for some ladies to not have any such signs as well. But here is what you need to brace yourself up with:

You might feel heaviness and tenderness on your boobs usually just like you must have felt before your periods every month, even though the symptoms are the same situation is different as you are pregnant your hormones will start producing breast milk and it is a prolactin hormone which plays an active role in producing milk in pregnant women. This heaviness will gradually ease by the end of 12 weeks.

When women are pregnant and if her periods are irregular then she might not be sure whether she is pregnant or not so the other sign of pregnancy is if she feels nauseated and is having morning sickness which is very common in 4 weeks pregnancy as it a sign of good news but it’s very necessary to keep the body hydrated by intake of fluids because vomiting might dehydrate your body. This nausea feeling will be at a high level every morning and will eventually subside until 12 weeks pregnant.

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Other Symptoms:


This is one of the common things other than cramps and fatigue. You may notice yourself getting little puffed up and for the same credit goes to your pregnancy hormone progesterone. It is a sign that you must get yourself in those bulgy pants.


Surely many women get paranoid seeing this but frankly you don’t have to. Light bleeding during this course of pregnancy can often result in implantation. This is quite normal but it is always better to seek doctor’s advice so that when you are on your bed you don’t have one percent of doubt.

Mood Swings:

This is not imagination at all. Your hormones talk a lot even when you don’t want to and that is why these fluctuating hormones often end up hampering your mood which eventually results in more mood swings, irritation and even crying or getting emotional outbursts often.

Morning Sickness:

Some woman is lucky to not go through this while for some it is the most common probable to a great extent. According to the experts, it is a pregnant woman who is more likely to face this kind of problem commonly at some point in time. This can get worse in nine-week and even gets slowed down too.

Sore Breasts:

Yeah, that you may find it a bit weird but you may notice your boobs being swollen to a great extent. It is because of those urging hormones that are telling the body that your milk ducts need to be ready for you little one.

4 Weeks Pregnant Belly And Baby Development:

You are just 4 weeks pregnant and not 12 weeks so have some patience that little creature in your uterus is just of the size of pea or seed, you will get to see your tummy popped a but that’s not a pregnant belly in 4thweek it’s just a bloated belly. Since you are a would-be mother you should not stop others from pampering yourself just see you take necessary precautions and care from the day you get to know that you are pregnant as one small negligence might be led to a miscarriage.

In the fourth week, this pea-size little creature in your womb is dividing into the placenta. Wherein your embryo cells leads to the development of the body parts such as spine block, brain, neural tube, and backbone. And the amniotic sac and fluids tend to develop the cushioned cover for your baby’s development. So it is highly suggested to start with Folic Acid and Vitamins tablet from that day itself and if you are having it from before then it is well and good.

Since it is important to have supplements regularly as this will help in the healthy development of your baby.

Ultrasound At 4th Week Of Pregnancy

The doctor advises 4 ultrasounds and those are during the first three trimesters and the one which the doctor takes at the time of confirming the child inside your tummy. It is advised to be done as little as possible considering, kid’s health in mind. When you are 4 weeks pregnant, the cells ball starts getting split inside the embryo which is nothing but your little one along with the placenta. There is a neural tube of the kid the block of the spine which is at the building stage and the backbone that already gets formed. There is also an amniotic sac and fluid that gets created inside the protective cushioning for the baby and when you become 4 weeks pregnancy this just looks like a tiny dot. This tiny dot is known as a gestational sac.

Some doctors also advises for not going with the option of ultrasound at the 4th week. But when you get a call from your doctor, you must make your appointment for the ultrasound checking so see how things are crucial inside your tummy and if there are any kind of possible complications that needs to be avoided or not.

When you see that there is no risk of pregnancy complications then your doctor may not even call you often and even tell you to not go for a further ultrasound until the next trimester. But there would be some of the things that you rigidly have to follow that include a lot of water intake, ditching healthy eating habits and relaxing as much as possible.

Precautions & Tips At 4th Week Of Pregnancy:

Remember, you are at the stage when your baby needs extra care and a lot of nourishment. For which you need to eat for two and only that food which your baby can find good for itself. At the growing little one, there are so many precautionary things that you need to do. Talking of which here are some of the precautions that you may have to follow such as:

Take the Right Supplements:

If you are not on folic acid supplement then make sure you start getting one for yourself. Your body needs a lot of vitamins and supplements by which all possible birth defects can be well-taken care. You must take folic acid in the right amount during the pregnancy so that you can reduce the autism disorders’ chances and also the neural tube defects by around 70%. Other than this, you must also have a good range of healthy supplements like vitamin D, calcium, iron that can help the doctor do the assessment right.

Have A Doctor’s Appointment:

Whether you see any kind of weird symptom which you think shouldn’t have been there or you think there are some of the things that you need to clear, make sure you have a schedule with your doctor confirmed. Make sure you visit your doctor for the concerns or stay online available to them but never make a decision on your own which you are not sure of. This will only hamper your baby and yourself. If you have a pain ask doctor, don’t self medicate yourself with random painkillers as those can be harmful.

A Balanced Food:

You need to maintain a good life for yourself. Remember, this time it is not just you but also for the baby for whom you shall be eating. Say goodbye to junk food, have a good intake of green leafy vegetables and a healthy diet. No more frozen food, caffeine, alcohol, and even smoke. This could be a bad thing for your little one to even breathe or eat. Whatever you shall be eating for your child, it has to be healthy. Along with this, have a good intake of water and juice so that you shall stay hydrated all the time.

The Workout Is Good:

Don’t be in a misconception that you just need good bed rest. Rather, you must exercise yourself and stay active all the time. Make sure you and your baby get a healthy workout, some mild stretches and yoga, and meditation as this is needed extremely regularly. You can start the workout class especially for women that can be a great choice.

Other Tips:

There are some important tips as well like packing your baby’s clothes and your cloth that would be needed post delivery or even having the house get rightly cleaned to name a few. These things might just slip out of your mind but they are extremely important for your baby.

  • Get medical insurance checked and see what all things does it cover
  • Be careful with all baby supplies. Shop for something in advance as you may need it frequently.
  • Look for some better healthy books that you can read at nice that might talk about the motherhood experiences· Learn and stay healthy and stress-free in this sedentary lifestyle because that is what is important for your baby at this stage.

Now that you have got all the information, make sure you follow the tips rightly. After all, it’s your baby and you shouldn’t compromise at any stage at all. Eat, sleep and stay happy. Follow this Mantra and which your growing baby shall always need during those crucial trimesters. Once the baby comes out nourish and nurture the little one to survive well in this world. Make sure you take every step correctly. Don’t just follow or believe any random rumours. It is time for you to act wisely rather than just being emotional.

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