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Walking As Heart Healthy Exercise

by Madhushree Ghosh
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  • Cardio Exercises to Enhance Heart Health
  • Does Walking 3 to 4.5 Miles Count as Heart Healthy Exercise
  • Some More Tips on Strengthening a Weak Heart Naturally

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Many health experts confirm that cardio exercises are the best method to fortify our heart health naturally. Among the entire list of cardio workouts, walking is considered the most effective one. Here we emerge with the best method from this cardio category which enhances the heart health of a person outstandingly. Let’s check it out and try to strengthen a weak heart naturally-

Cardio Exercises to Enhance Heart Health:


Cardiovascular exercise is directly related to the benefit of our heart health. The name ‘cardio’ of this pattern of exercise came from this inseparable relationship between the cardio tract and this pattern of cardio-base workouts. People observe that practicing some cardio exercises on a regular basis makes our heart health stronger than any other method.

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Heart health can be fortified with a moderate amount of heart rate, and these cardio exercises control that rate perfectly. Usually, health experts say cardio exercises must try after monitoring the BPM rate of a person. This BPM rate depends on the heart rate and must not surpass the level of maximum rate depending on your age. So, no doubt cardio exercise is good for improving our heart health and walking is the best method among this category. If you walk for a particular time daily with the moderate speed that suits your current heart condition, it will improve your heart health for sure.

Does Walking 3 to 4.5 Miles Count as Heart Healthy Exercise?

As we referenced earlier that walking for a particular time phrase regularly can help our heart health amazingly, but you must settle the distance first. According to the health experts, when we get older, our muscles mass gets decreased and the oxygen delivery process gets obstructed. Increasing body weight is also a common cause of these problems which controls the heart rate level of a person.

These entire problems hold on the normal heart rate level and make you finalize the physical activity along with the duration. Increased body weight is a reason for problematic heart rate and any physical activity can help you to control that weight expertly. But, one must monitor their heart rate before finalizing the duration of that physical activity. Besides, you also need to observe the pace and frequency of your heart rate before deciding the duration of your physical activity.

Protects Heart Health

As we refer that walking is the best physical exercise to increase your heart rate thus, you must finalize the duration and the portion you want to walk on a daily basis. Many people ask that whether walking 3-4.5 miles can enhance your heart health or not. Well, depending on the studies, we can’t settle on a particular portion or duration as the perfect amount of exercise to get a healthy heart. However, some reviews clear that walking for that particular amount regularly can help most people with average age and body weight.

Some More Tips on Strengthening a Weak Heart Naturally:

Apart from practicing cardio exercises and walking regularly, you can also take a few efficient steps to strengthen your heart naturally. They are as follows-

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  • Consult a doctor and know about the perfect heart rate depending on your age and body weight
  • Take proper medication to maintain your heart condition perfectly
  • Begin with a slow and steady exercise schedule that can enhance your heart health naturally
  • Make a group or find people with a similar health condition and plan your walking schedule with them
  • Practice strength training and increase your body flexibility to escalate your decreased heart rate
  • Look for any serious signs during your exercise session and immediately stop practicing it
  • Practice exercise only when you are comfortable with the labor of that physical activity
  • Make a diet plan after consulting nutritionist and include heart-healthy foods as much as you can
  • Quit unhealthy habits like drinking, smoking, eating disorders, having insufficient rest, etc.
  • Practice meditation and any mind exercise that can decrease your stress level expertly
  • Get at least 6-8 hours of sleep every day and frequent naps whenever you get time
  • And live a happy anxiety-free life in every possible way to stay away from any kind of heart issue.