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VIDPREVTYN: The new COVID vaccine which is 100 per cent effective against the virus

by Shatakshi Gupta

Vaccines have been proved the most effective weapon against the coronavirus pandemic. Scientists around the world are striving to make such a vaccine that can give 100% protection from this virus. Lately, two pharma companies in Europe have achieved this feat. A new vaccine developed by the companies Sanofi and GSK is 100% effective against severe infection of the corona.

 According to a spokesperson for Sanofi, this new vaccine will be named Vidprevtyn.  Data from clinical trials and booster trials in the US and Europe will soon be submitted for approval.

Results so far:

 In a separate study, the vaccine was also given as a booster dose. According to Sanofi and GSK, two doses of VIDPREVTYN will be given in an interval of 3 weeks. Its Phase 3 trial was done on 10,000 people from America, Asia, Africa and Latin America. 

After two doses of this vaccine, it proved to be 58% effective in protecting against corona symptoms. 75% effective in protecting against moderate to severe corona infection and 100% effective in preventing serious infection and hospitalization.

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 Can be used as a booster:

 In a separate study, it was also applied to people as a booster dose. According to makers, antibodies against virus increased by 10 to 30 times when this vaccine was given to fully vaccinated people from Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca.

 Type of this vaccine:

Vidprevtyn is a protein subunit vaccine which means it is made through the harmless proteins of the coronavirus, it enables the human immune system how to fight the virus when it enters the body. Compared to the mRNA vaccine it is a more conventional vaccine.

The advantage of vaccines like Vidprevtyn is that they can be easily stored at refrigerator temperature. It is very useful in those places where there is no availability of deep refrigeration. Vidprevtyn received funding of $2.1 billion under former US President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. According to the companies, 100 million doses of this vaccine have already been prepared and plans are on to supply 400 million doses.

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