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Vastu Tips To Bring Health And Wealth In 2021

by Puja
Vastu Tips To Bring Health And Wealth In 2021

Vastu is essential while planning a home. It is an amazing amalgamation of science, art, and astrology. This ancient mystic science or philosophy helps to make our lives better. Vastu Shastra combines and balances the five elements: air, water, earth, fire, and space, and balances. Vastu’s basic principle is to create a balance in the environment so that we can find mental comfort and opportunity to enhance health, wealth, good luck, and overall prosperity.

Vastu Shastra involves direction, geography, topography, environment, and physics. However, Vastu is not magic to change life in your favor overnight. It does affect your life, but gradually. Vastu Shastra believes that everything in the universe has a level of energy and every land or building has a vibration of energy associated with it. Both positive and negative energy constitutes the universe. Vastu aims to enhance positive energy and eliminate negative energy by applying Vastu remedies.

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Vastu Tips To Bring Wealth 

  • Cash locker or cash almirah should be placed in the South or South-west side so that it opens in the north direction, the direction of Lord Kuber. Avoid keeping a cash locker in any other direction as it can take away the money.
  • Mirror to Reflect is used to attract money. Placing a mirror in front of the cash locker is considered auspicious. A mirror is known to reflect and multiply. When a mirror reflects money, it tends to multiply the money. Avoid any high beam near the locker or almirah as it can create negativity which may cause financial stress and loss of money.
  • According to Vastu, keeping the north-east portion clutter-free and open attracts wealth. Avoid constructing a staircase and keeping any heavy machinery as it can block the entrance and decrease the inflow of money.
  • While choosing the plot for a house, avoid any high buildings or temples in the Northeast direction. In case, there are high rise buildings and temples in this direction then make sure their shadow doesn’t fall on your home or plot. Avoid any curved wall in the Northeast corner of the boundary wall.
  • The main entrance of the house must be kept clean and clutter-free. Decorating the entrance door of a home distinctively enables the growth of prosperity and wealth. Decorate the name and number plate of your house. It makes the home look good, keeps the area bright and colorful.

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  • Colors represent nature and help to attract money. The purple color is known to attract money. Hence, Vastu advises painting the room purple where the cash locker is kept. Keep a purple colored plant in your home or grow a money plant in a purple colored pot. This brings money and makes businesses flourish.
  • Avoid constructing a swimming pool, water body, water fountain, or anything related to water lower than the normal ground level in the South-west corner.
  • Keep south and west walls of the house as well as boundary higher and thicker than the walls on the North and east side.
  • Avoid buying a plot that is lower than the road.

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  • Plant huge trees in the South-west of the plot. It will help to avoid misfortunes and mishaps in family and business. Avoid planting high trees on the north-east side of a plot as it can obstruct financial flow.
  • Place a water fountain in the north-east of the house. It should be always moving as the movement of water denotes energy flow, positive energy, and wealth.
  • Keeping a fish aquarium in the north-east of the living room is considered auspicious. Make sure to keep the aquarium clean, clear, and aerated.
  • Avoid financial losses by repairing leaky taps, faucets, faulty plumbing. Clean cobwebs whenever you see them as they hinder financial growth.
  • Placing wind chimes on the entrances ensures the cash flow.

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Vastu Tips To Bring Health

In the rush to lead a perfect life, people often end up getting ill. When illness enters life, life becomes dull and boring; people feel depressed and want just to get rid of medicines. Every problem is associated with a source hidden in the directions, hints, and placements. Every situation that occurs in a person’s life is attracted from the universe. Let’s see some Vastu tips for health.

  • Sleeping with the head towards the south ensures a deep and sound sleep. People who have Vata and Kapha must sleep on the left side whereas those with Pita must go for the right side of the bed.
  • Avoid mirrors in the bedroom where it reflects the sleeping person on the bed. It drains energy and makes the person sick.
  • The house’s central area should be left empty or with minimal furniture for a free flow of energy. This will ensure an unrestricted free flow of positive energy.
  • Keep citrus fruit plants at the house entrance to invite good health into the house.

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  • When it comes to health staircase plays an integral role. According to Vastu, the staircase must not be in the center of the house as it reflects major health issues. If there is a staircase, then corners are the best to place. Avoid using circular and irregular shaped stairs in the house, opt for rectangular and square-shaped staircases.
  • To maintain good health, use Reiki crystals. Place reiki crystals in the center of the house to keep the entire area positive and energized. Reiki crystals keep the area free from negativity and heal all the health-related problems.
  • Overhead beams are always bad for health. They are known to be bad for vision and also create unnecessary pressure on minds. Vastu advises avoiding overhead beams in the house, especially in the bedroom.
  • Vastu says to keep a check on the fire element otherwise it can create an imbalance in health and life. If the house is in the south direction, then balancing the fire element is crucial to keep major health-related problems away.
  • Lighting a candle or a lamp every day in the fire zone, especially in the southeast, is considered auspicious. Candles are considered good for health as they leave a soothing impact, and the aroma relieves the stress.

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  • Keep the entrance wide, clean, and strong. The wall surrounding the gate must be of the same height as that of the gate. Placing a picture of Lord Hanuman and a small garden in the right direction also contributes towards great health.
  • The natural element of water plays a vital role in good health. There should be no leakage in the toilet or the bathroom. Ensure that the water does not drip from anywhere as this is a sign of negative energy.
  • Stay away from electronic and electrical devices as they generate harmful radiation. Hence, placing them in your bedroom is a big no.
  • While cooking, face the East direction as it is observed to be the best direction for doing so. It improves the digestion process and showers you with sound health.
  • Lord Hanuman is affiliated with good health and therefore, keeping his image in the house may positively affect the health of the people living in the house as well.

There is nothing more important than health. To stay healthy and lead a joyful life, take a step in the right direction, and construct the house according to Vastu.

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