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Vastu tips for students

by Puja


Vastu is a science of direction and five elements of nature which are essential to all, especially for students. It affects every aspect of life and all age groups including students.  Vastu lays down a strong foundation for students to enable them to achieve their academic goals and success. Students may labor hard for good results but the results may not be satisfactory. Several Vastu tips are helpful for students to achieve favorable results, improve concentration, focus, and memory. Here are a few Vastu tips to improve memory and concentration:

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  • The study room should be in the east, north, or the North-East direction of the house. It improves grasping power and increases the knowledge of the child. North and East direction makes you feel energetic. Hence, always choose the study room in the north or east direction. The entrance of the study room should be in the east or north zone. Never construct a study room below the toilet or under a beam or a staircase.
  • Ensure there is no reflection of the books in the mirror while studying. This may put stress on your kids.
  • Ensure that your child’s head is in the South direction to sustain the steadiness of the body and the earth.
  • The study room should have an ample amount of sunlight. The shadow of the child must not fall on the books while studying.
  • Sit and learn in the East direction to improve concentration.
  • Avoid using things that are obstacles for concentration like pillars, sharp-pointed edged furniture, open shelves, etc.
  • Avoid furniture, especially a study table with irregular shapes. It should be in regular shapes such as square, rectangle. Irregular shapes create confusion and unstable concentration. The corners of the furniture should not be cut and sharp-edged.
  • Keep the study desk towards East or North to ensure that the child is facing either of these directions while studying.
  • Keep the study table clean and clutter-free. It should not be loaded with too many books or stationery on it.
  • The study table should be placed away from the wall. Keep the study table at least an inch away from the wall.
  • Place a Saraswati Yantra on the study table. It will improve the child’s positive energy.
  • Bookshelves should be placed at a distance from the study desk.
  • The study room should be well ventilated and well lit. If the room is dingy and dimly lit, it may slow down the child’s progress.

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  • As per the Vastu, students should use a study lamp. It improves concentration.
  • An open space in front of the child encourages fresh ideas, approaches, and breaks the monotony of lengthy study sessions. Avoid South direction.
  • To give inspiration to the child to study, the picture of galloping horses, a rising Sun, Goddess of knowledge Saraswati, Lord Ganesh should be put on the walls of the study room.
  • Keep the certificates or display trophies, prizes bagged by the child on the South wall.
  • Use Satwik (light) color like White, Yellow, Green, Orange for study room. It will enhance memory and concentration. Avoid using Black color.
  • Keep a rotating Globe on the study table. Never keep a mirror on the study table.
  • Stationary should be in ready to use condition. Non-working pens, unsharpened pencils, torn books may create negative vibrations.
  • Never Face Toilet or sit against the Toilet wall while studying. It may cause a loss of concentration.
  • Do not keep shoes under the study desk. Never eat on the study table.
  • A student should sleep with his/her head towards the east

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  • Keep amethyst crystal near the study desk. It is highly beneficial to students, scholars, and writers.
  • Play inspirational and soothing music in the study room. It is effective as studies and music go together.
  • Students should take a break of at least 25 to 30 minutes twice a day. Utilize the time on physical creative activities.
  • Avoid facing a blank wall or a window while studying.
  • A wall behind student signifies support.
  • If books are kept in the South-West corner, they might remain untouched. If books are kept in the North-West corner, they might get stolen.
  • Place the computer in the South-East direction of the study area.
  • Placing a pyramid in the study room balances the energy and enhances memory.
  • Hang a pendulum clock on the North Wall of the study area.
  • Several Yogic exercises should be practiced to increase concentration and memory.