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Vastu Colours For A Happy Home

by Puja
Vastu Colours For A Happy Home

According to Vastu, a house is divided into multiple directions and sub-directions. Each of these has a color that works well. As per the ancient science of architecture, colors play an important role in bringing mental as well as physical balance. The selection of colors stimulates the energy in the space and influences the inmates of the house. Vastu suggests specific colors for each room.

The colors of a house are chosen to enhance the aesthetic beauty. The selection of colors for each room depends upon the personal favorite or style and appearance of the house. The colors we choose for our house walls unconsciously reflect our inner self and affects inmate’s mood. One shouldn’t ignore this fact as it influences our personality.

However, it’s near impossible to abide by all the Vastu suggestions unless you want a home splashed in different hues. So, we’ve brought you a concise list of room colors as per Vastu. Read on to find out what colors work and what’s should be avoided in each room.

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Living Room

The living room reflects an inmate’s personality. It should be warm, welcoming, bold, and vibrant with energy. Serene white, cheerful yellow, healing green or soothing blue, beige, and tan are the best colors for the living room. However, Vastu suggests putting a combination of red color, though not too much, in the living room. The entire space will become lively beaming with fresh energy. A beige-colored living room can help you feel calm and relaxed, while even tan might be a great option!

The living room is often the first glimpse people get into the home. Hence, Vastu tips advise against using dark shades in the space. Keep it light-colored and feel positive vibes take over your home!

Dining Room

For the space where house inmates bind with each other over meals, Vastu experts suggest the use of warm colors such as peach and light shades of pink or orange. Soothing shades of blue and green help the family bond better. The colors bring in a peaceful environment along with prosperity, health, and happiness. It relaxes the mind and body.

Avoid using a white or black color scheme. These tones can bring unwanted energies into the room, and your family.

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The Agni or the god of fire, should be decked in colors that pay homage to him. Choose from a palette of orange, white, green saffron, yellow, pink, chocolate, or red. Kitchens must have a hint of red.Even a dinner set in this color is great for representing it!

Your kitchen room color according to Vastu should not be too dark and gloomy. As you cook in the kitchen, let the food imbibe positivity from light and cheerful colors! So, steer clear of colors like dark grey, brown, and black. Also, avoid blue in the kitchen as blue represents Varuna, the god of water!

Pooja Room 

It stands for purity, serenity, and peace. While Vastu suggests that this is perfect across your home, it’s especially suited to your place of worship. Hence, a favored choice for the pooja room should be yellow, which harnesses positive energy. Light blue and light green can make pooja space feel more serene and reinforce your faith in life.

Experts recommend avoiding the use of red since it signifies anger and could have negative effects in a peaceful place. It’s also advisable to avoid dark colors.

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Master Bedroom

Vastu has a variety of color recommendations for the master bedroom. Newly married couples can use light pink or red as the room color. The warm and soothing nature of colors deepens the bond with the partner and helps keep conflicts at bay. For a relaxing space, use lighter shades of blue or green. Shades of brown are also a great choice to evoke stability and keep you grounded. The most appropriate colors for bedrooms are lighter shades of pink, blue, green, grey, or purple. Suchcolors bring tranquility, relaxation, and induce sleep apart from being the romantic shades of love and happiness.

A fiery shade of orange can help young professionals reach their potential. However, avoid this colorif you have a sharp temper. Dark shades of red are best avoided completely.

Children Bedroom

Children’s room should be bright and vibrant. Hence, choose all the happy colors. Orange, pink, blue, yellow, green, or lavender are ideal. These colors aid in concentration. Choose the color of the children’s room with care. In their formative years, soothing colors that aid creativity is advisable. 

Vastu Colours For A Happy Home

If your child gets angry quite often, avoid using red in their room. It is an aggressive color. Hence, it could be stressful. Use lighter shades of blue for a soothing effect in children’s room. Stay away from dark blue as it may cause health problems for your little one!

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The bathroom is the private space of the house. Bathrooms and toilets are best colored using light colors such as white, pink, light yellow, shades of light blue, lime green, light pink, pastel shades, etc. All thesecolors are elegant and relaxing. It will look good too. If a bathroom is in West, then try to accommodate blue color in it. Go for white and blue color wall tiles.

Avoid using dark colors for walls, floors, and tiles in the bathroom and toilets.

Guest Room

North-west is the best place for a guest room. The walls of guest rooms should be painted white. For a royal treatment and to make your guest feel welcomed, the lighter shades of yellow, orange, lavender, blue, or green are the ideal colors.

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Study Room

Green, blue, lavender, and light purple are suitable for the study room. If the study table of the children is in their bedroom, then use these colors in their room. These colors improve concentration and memories and make the environment pleasant.

Exterior Color 

For exterior walls, the homeowner could choose between off white, light mauve, or orange color. These colors are suitable for all sun signs.

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