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Tips to Prevent High Blood Pressure

by Bharti
High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure (H8P or Hypertension) is pushing of blood which is persistently too high across the walls of blood vessels. The pressure circulates through the blood and repeatedly measured for diagnosis. This is closely related to the rate and force of the heartbeat and also the bounciness and diameter of the arterial walls. Just to make the awareness that ‘heart failure’ is common in patients with high blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure

Types of Blood Pressure:

1) Normal BP: It is systolic less than 120.

2) Elevated BP: It is systolic 120 to 129; diastolic less than 80.

3) HBP Stage 1: It is systolic 130 to 139; diastolic 80 to 89.

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4) HBP Stage 2: It is systolic 140 or higher; diastolic 90 or higher.

5) Hypertensive Crisis: It is Systolic Higher than 180; Diastolic higher than 120.

Risk Factors:                                               

When the blood pressure is high or too high it becomes important to reduce the blood pressure which can lower the risk of adverse conditions. If BP is too high it puts more efforts on the blood vessels, heart, brain kidney and eyes.

Constant HBP is not good for humans as it increases the number of life-threatening problems such as:

  • Strokes 
  • Heart Failure 
  • Heart Attacks
  • Kidney Problems
  • Arterial Diseases
  • Vascular Dementia

Measuring and monitoring Blood Pressure:

One should measure and check their blood pressure constantly if they already have a blood pressure problem whether they have high or low blood pressure.

Normally every adult of age 40 and above should get their blood pressured monitored at least once in every 5 years as getting done will save the life from health-threatening diseases and is easy to do a blood test as there are several places where it can be done. Also, it can be done at home with a home blood pressure monitor.

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Preventive measures:

Now all this we talked about the high blood pressure and its symptoms and signs, now we will tell you about the corrective measures should be taken to prevent and cure of this issue as soon as possible. The below mentioned are the preventives for us to follow:

1) Maintaining a Balanced and Healthy Life: High blood pressure can be prevented or lowered to a normal range. So one can add on in their lifestyle to eat healthy foods and fibres, by doing regular exercise or workout, just to manage and maintain a proper weight, stop drinking alcohols or any kind of tobaccos, reduce the negligible and smoke intake plays a pivotal role in maintaining blood pressure at the level.

2) Timely Healthy Diet: Reduce the intake of salt in the food and eat lots of fruits and vegetables with the help of a dietician or proper guidance have a variety of food that helps to maintain your diet and proper proportions to have a balanced and healthy diet. Intake of salt in your food raises the blood pressure; the more salt you add in your diet the higher will be your blood pressure. Eat lots of fibre-rich foods such as plenty of fruits, whole grain, rice, bread, chapatti, green veggies.

3) Maintaining the Weight: Oversized weight or weight more as per the height should be monitored and reduce the weight as it forces the heart to work more which can increase the blood pressure. To make your body flexible will help you to be fit and fine.

4) Reduction of intake the Alcohol: The consumption of alcohol regularly will deteriorate the health as it increases the blood pressure. The alcohol is high in calories will, in turn, increase the weight which will further raise the blood pressure. Therefore one should know how much units to consume to balance and cut down more consumption of Alcohol. Every one of us including men and women should not drink more than 14 units a week which they can spread over three days or more in a week.

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5) Regular Workout Sessions: Being fit, active and regular exercise helps in keeping blood pressure lower which also helps in maintaining heart and blood vessels in good condition. Exercise in your daily regime will help you to lose weight which also helps to maintain blood pressure. Adults should at least give 45 minutes of their busy schedule for exercise be it running, cycling, aerobics or brisk walk etc.

  • No to Smoking: Smoking Now a day has become an addiction or even a trend which adds a class too few of them. The smoking being very injurious does not invariably cause high blood pressure but indirectly as increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Smoking narrows the arteries which carry blood and when one smokes and have high blood pressure, it will narrow the arteries faster which will cause the risk of heart and lung problems. Therefore, say big ‘No’ to smoking.

7) Less Intake of Caffeine: Coffee and tea have become part and parcel of life without which it has become difficult as they refresh one’s mood and gives energy. Having more caffeine that is more than 3 or 4 cups may raise the blood pressure. If you take coffee, tea, some energy drinks cola which has caffeine one needs to cut down the intake soon.

  •  Condense your Tension: The prolonged pressure one takes can subsidize to high blood pressure. As to inform you that the research says that to govern the effects of prolonged stress on blood pressure. Sporadic pressure also can subsidize to high blood pressure. So to avoid stress is a necessity to live long and happily. Take out a few hours to contemplate about the causes you to feel stressed such as work, family, finances or illness. Once you come to know the reason for your stress then deliberate how you can erase the stress from life.

If you can’t eradicate all of your stress, you can at least cope with them more healthily. So try the below points and enjoy the life:

High Blood Pressure
  • The expectations you keep from family members, friends and from others try to fix it out rather not keeping it any more or do not get upset when it does not get fulfilled. For instance, plan your day and focus on your priorities. 
  • Concentration on subjects you can switch and make plans to crack them. If you are having a problem at work, try talking to your manager. If you are fighting with your spouse or kids, take steps to resolve it not take too long to harm.
  • You should evade pressure activates in your life. Attempt to avoid activates when you can. For instance, if 11th-hour traffic on the way to work causes pressure then try send-off previous in the morning or take public transportation. 
  • All-time working may hamper the health so kind period to lessen and to do happenings you relish. Take out the time every day to sit silently and inhale intensely. Make interval for pleasurable doings or pastimes in your agenda which can be taking a walk, cookery or undertaking.
  • Now saying thank you is to feel good on oneself, articulating appreciation to others can help decrease your pressure.
  • Take Sound Sleep: Now it is the must for everyone to be healthy and wealthy which helps us to balance our moods. Sleep is the necessity of life and has become a major issue nowadays. Many of us are finding it difficult getting sound sleep due to major thinking or can be many reasons for the same which increases in high blood pressure cause and also the risk of hypertension. It is always a good practice to get at least 6 to 7 hours of sound sleep daily to manage your routine throughout the day.

10) Check with the Doctor Frequently and Observer the Blood Pressure at your own: Home-grown checking can aid you to preserve flaps on your blood pressure. One can make positive your routine variations are occupied and attentive you and your clinician to budding health worries. Blood pressure observers are obtainable extensively and without preparation. You should have a word with the doctor nearby home, observing before you get ongoing.

Systematic going to the doctor is similarly significant to governing the blood pressure. If your blood pressure is balanced systematically then confirm with your doctor about how frequently you need to check it. The clinician may recommend examination it regular or fewer frequently. If you’re creating any fluctuations in your medicines or additional conducts, your medic may commend you check your blood pressure preliminary two weeks after conduct variations and one week before the next appointment.

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Now to conclude all the above we can say that opt for a healthy and balanced lifestyle for yourself and fix to it to get better results. High blood pressure is a chronic disease with basic knowledge and essential information provided above hoe it creates awareness among the society and can be treated at an early stage by following the guidance and proper medication, keeping it within the normal range.