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The Surprising Benefits Of The Mystical Om Mantra

by Shivani Singh
The Mystical Om Mantra

The Om mantra first found in the Upanishads and is the most holy syllable in the Hindu religion. The Om mantra finds a high place in all the religions originating out of India, and it signifies the essence of the ultimate reality, also called the “Atma”. Scientists from various countries have heralded the mantra as the primordial sound, recurring throughout the annals of time. The Om mantra has many health benefits, apart from being believed to result in spiritual upliftment and enlightenment.

1. Positive Energy

Positive Energy

The Om chant gives off a positive vibe and energy which flows through the body.

2. Improved Concentration

Improved Concentration

There has been documented evidence of marked improvement in concentration after diligently chanting the mantra over a period of time.

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3. Improved Immunity

Improved Immunity

The Om mantra channelizes positive energy through your body and results in improved immunity and healing power.

4. Positive Vibrations

Positive Vibrations

The Om chant brings about a sort of resonance which rings through the respiratory airways and vocal cords. This results in cleansing the airways and sinuses of phlegm and other things that could otherwise block the air passage.

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5. Meditation


It is an extremely effective mantra to chant before one settles down for a meditation. It calms the nerves and sets the mood for the meditation session.

6. No CVD


The Om mantra has surprisingly beneficial effects on cardiovascular health. It relaxes our body and soul and reduces our blood pressure. This takes care of our hearts and makes our heart beat rhythmically. And so there is no cardiovascular disease.

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7. Chant in Groups

Chant in Groups

When a few people come together and chant the holy Om mantra in a group, it charges up the vicinity and spreads positivity through the positive air vibrations.

8. Physical Glow

Physical Glow

Chanting the Om mantra, diligently over an extended period of time, results in a thorough cleansing and upliftment of the soul from the inside. The positivity affects our interiors and is reflected in the form of the improved radiance of our skin.

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9. Core Muscle Conditioning

Core Muscle Conditioning

The Om mantra emanates from deep within our abdomen and it results in conditioning and toning the musculoskeletal part of our body. It improves our core strength.

10. Vocal Conditioning

Vocal Conditioning

The diligent and regular utterance of the Om mantra stretches our vocal cords and conditions them. It also has positive effects on the thyroid gland and thus it is a great exercise for someone suffering from afflictions of the thyroid.

Om medication not only affects the various parts of the brain but also affects the heart rate and respiratory rate. Through this article, we are trying to explore and consider all the benefits and the healing effects of Om medication.


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