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The Benefits of Good Stress to Our Body and Mind

by Madhushree Ghosh
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  • Is There Any Type of Good Stress Exist
  • What Causes Good Stress
  • What is the Purpose of Stress
  • What Are The Positive Effects of Stress
  • What Good Stress does to Our Body
  • What Good Stress does to Our Mind

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We always hear about the caution of having stress in our lives and how to get rid of it in several ways. But did you know that stress can uniquely benefit your health? Well, yes, this is true that you can get benefited from stress if it is limited to the good zone. Why, how, etc. is some queries we need to know about this topic to understand good stress more closely. So, here we go with some related questions and answers about good stress in this discussion below. Let’s check them out closely and learn how to use stress for the enhancement of your life but not for ruining it-

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Is There Any Type of Good Stress Exist?

There is no scale to measure good or bad stress, but when a stress level stays under your control stage and lasts for a short while, it may call good stress. Good stress alarms you for your goals instead of bringing you bad health disorders. According to the reports on human psychology, a low level of stress can strengthen our health rather than disturbing our mental peace.

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Hence, when stress remains at a moderate level, it is called good stress. This type of stress usually emerges by bursting of energy that advises you on what you should do and what not. So, if you wonder is there any types of good stress that exist then, the answer is yes, it does! All you need to do is just know the level of stress so; you can limit it inside the stage of good stress.

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What Causes Good Stress?

The cause of stress is quite similar, whether it is bad or good stress. One needs to manage the intensity of stress after occurring to keep the stress under the good stage. But the causes may vary man to man depending on their social, personal, and financial circumstances. Some of the commonest causes of good stress are-

  • Before having any exam, surgery, interview, etc.
  • Before any type of exposing appearance like a stage performance, giving speech, etc.
  • Before a new beginning, before shifting to a new place
  • Prior to meet an important person for the very first time
  • For setting a larger goal in life
  • Afraid of being imperfect to your projects
  • Because of the unrealistic expectation
  • Before any major change in life
  • Also being unhappy for your current condition
  • Having work stress
  • Working for long beyond your normal capacity
  • Living under any mental pressure
  • Being insecure yourself
  • Facing any type of tough situation
  • And the fear of uncertainty

What is the Purpose of Good Stress?

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The real purpose of stress lies in the needs of human activity. Depending on the theory of human psychology, stress especially the good stress supplies important purpose in life and teaches us to survive with more concern. It often acts as an expert motivator that teaches us how to survive with perfection.

Normal stress brings unnecessary negative thoughts in our minds, while good stress initiates a positive ‘fight-to-fight’ survival mode in our mind. So, we can clearly say that the purpose of good stress is to make us strong enough for our ventures and teaches us to fight back on tough situations in life.

What Are The Positive Effects of Stress?

Stress normally brings headaches, increased heart rate, and many more health disorders, but good stress, fortunately, conveys a few positive effects to your health. Some of the most typical advantages of good stress are as follows-

  • It works as an insider motivator for your deeds
  • Enhances your cognitive functioning and makes you understand the good sides of a panicky feeling
  • Makes you become a stronger person and teaches you how to survive in a tough situation
  • It boosts the mind development and helps you to focus more attentively
  • Fortifies your immune system in an exclusive way
  • And moderate stress can provide highly advanced skills to the unborn through a mom-to-be during her pregnancy days.

What Good Stress does to Our Body?

Stress provides multiple noticeable effects to our body, while it comes in short term form. This short term is known as good stress and seen providing effects in almost every system of our body expertly. Let’s see what this sort of good stress do to our body while hits for a certain frame of time-

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  • Boosts the production of stress hormone like adrenal and cortisol in a moderate rate
  • These hormones give you energy fight back or sometimes run away from the source of stress
  • Makes your liver produce more blood sugar that escalates your body energy level naturally
  • Makes you feel butterflies in your stomach, which control your appetite and provide effects on your overeating 
  • This nature of managed hunger controls the possibilities of weight gain that is caused by overeating
  • Some of the released hormones which occur during stress could help you in getting tighter muscles
  • And good stress makes your heart pounds a bit faster and circulates blood quicker

What Good Stress does to Our Mind?

The advantages of minds are even more beneficial than the body from good stress. Some of the most appreciable benefits of good stress are-

  • It boosts up our brainpower by increasing the production of brain chemicals neurotrophins
  • It also aids in strengthening the connection between neurons in our brain
  • By using this stress as your mind booster, you can escalate your concentration power
  • Strengthens your mental strength and makes you able to fights normal odds of life smartly
  • Motivates you to be more creative in your regular life and accompanies you throughout your creativity
  • Motivates you towards your goal and keeps your inspired throughout the whole journey
  • Work as an enhancement in child development, especially during their unborn days
  • And makes you more resilient or flexible in life which teaches you more expert to handle the tough situations in life.