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Taking Drugs With Cold Water : Right Or Wrong?

by Madhushree Ghosh
taking drugs with cold water

Taking the right medicines for your illness is not enough for a person infected with any disease. Research says that the process of taking medicines affects the recovery period of disease a lot. Water, you use to consume drugs plays a significant role in this process of recovery.

There are many conflicts about what type of water is good to enhance the power of your medicines. Today, we come up with a very common topic in this regard to make your drug-taking experience more effective than ever that whether taking drugs with water is good or bad. Let’s check this out quickly-

  • The problem of drinking cold water for long
  • The medical view of taking the drug with cold water
  • The myth of taking the drug with cold water
  • Taking drugs with hot water
  • What type of water is god for taking drugs

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The Problem of Drinking Cold Water for Long:

The point is that not only for medicines but drinking cold water is not good for our health, especially when you are consuming it for long. It can initiate several issues in our body and hamper our overall health badly. Some common consequences for taking cold water regularly are as follows-

  • Infected with the virus of cold and cough
  • Sudden shock in your normal body temperature, whenever you drink it
  • The problem of constipation, by making your consumed foods solidify and hard to digest
  • Drain the normal energy level in your body and make you feel low for any kind of deeds
  • Stimulates the signs of migraine and initiates headaches by making your brain nerves sensitive with cold water
  • And sometimes lower your normal heart rate with direct contact of cold water for affecting the vagus nerve in our body deeply.    

The Medical View Of Taking Drug With Cold Water:

Now, getting back to the main issue of taking medicines with cold water, we must consider the medical causation in this matter. According to the analysis, it is said that when we consume drugs with cold water, it makes the quality of medicines impotent as well as motionless in your body.

When any medicine comes with the direct contact of cold water inside our body, they couldn’t work properly, due to the hibernation in the system. Also, the organs couldn’t work appropriately when they have consumed cold water recently in your body. So, the whole process hampers the proper work of drugs in our body and thus, it is better to avoid taking pills with cold water anyhow.

The Myth Of Taking Drug With Cold Water:

The myth of taking medicines with cold water is not much different from the medical view and they both indicate the same way. Cold water or any beverage that is used to consume drugs inhibits the normal metabolism process of medicines and prevents the quick absorption in our body.

Sometimes a few harmful toxic beverages even initiate bad interaction or allergies in your body with a drink in cold forms. So, the myth of the traditional mentality of taking drugs with cold water was considered avoidable according to the normal or mythical view as well.

Taking Drugs With Hot Water:

Some types of medicines like calcium tablets, vitamin D capsules, paracetamol tablets, etc. are safe to have with hot water or a glass of warm milk. But if you are planning to take all types of medicines with hot water, then you must consult a doctor first. It is proven that a few specific drugs dissolve and work faster when swallowing with hot water.

However, it is considered not taking some specific medicines with hot or warm water. So, as a conclusion, you can assume that taking drugs with hot water won’t be a good idea for all types of medicines for a rapid recovery.

What Type Of Water Is Good For Taking Drugs?

After several analyses over medicines and their reactions in the human body, it is considered taking drugs with normal water or water with room temperature for the perfect and a flawless effect in your body.

Alongside taking water with the right temperature, it is necessary to drink the perfect amount of water with your medicines for the best outcome of its effect in your body. Otherwise, you may suffer from stomach ulcers after a certain period, by consuming a lack of drinking water with highly effective drugs. So, in the end, we can conclude the discussion by saying that try to swallow a glass of water at room temperature with your medicines at one time for the perfect result.

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