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You should stay away from these 5 cosmetics during pregnancy

by Shatakshi Gupta

Becoming a mother is one of the most precious feelings in the world. But this motherhood is not easy and full of sacrifices. During pregnancy, one needs to be wary of many things. However, sometimes many pregnant women make some mistakes unknowingly. Although lesser-known, many make-up products are not good for the health of your unborn baby.

Many toxic ingredients are used in the production of beauty products, which can harm your unborn baby passing through your body.  Some researches suggest that women who use a lot of makeup during pregnancy are more likely to have a premature baby. Moreover, these products have many ill effects on the growth of the foetus. Today, in this article, we will tell you about those make-up products that you mustn’t use during pregnancy.

Perfumes and deodorants:

While you are pregnant, avoid the use of high-fragrance products like deodorants, perfume, room freshener etc. Harmful chemicals are used in most of the deos and perfumes which can enter inside the skin and harm you or your unborn child. These chemicals can cause disturbances in the hormones of the baby.

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Lead containing Lipsticks:

 Pregnant women should avoid applying lipstick if it has lead as it will be as it can be ingested during drinking or eating anything. Lead in the body can hinder the development of the foetus or cause other problems.


Sunscreen is a part of routine skincare but you should it sparingly during your pregnancy. Most sunscreens contain retinyl palmitate or vitamin palmitate. These elements react with the skin when exposed to sunlight.  Long-term use also causes cancer, so before using sunscreen during pregnancy, check that both these ingredients are not present in the sunscreen you are going to use. 

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Hair removal cream:

 Most of the hair removal creams contain Thioglycolic acid, which could be very detrimental to the health of your unborn one. During pregnancy, innumerable hormonal changes take place in the body, due to which using chemical-rich hair removing creams can cause skin allergies and can also harm the unborn baby.

Hydroquinone containing face cream:

If you use any fairness cream during pregnancy, then you must check its components using it, as its use can be dangerous for both you and the unborn baby. These creams contain a chemical called hydroquinone, which can have a bad effect on the baby before birth.