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Some Best Relaxation Techniques for Mind

by Madhushree Ghosh
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  • Why We Need Relaxation Technique
  • How Relaxation Techniques Helps Us
  • What Are The Best Relaxation Techniques
  • Meditation
  • Autogenic Training
  • Guided Imaginary

It is common to face some ups and downs situation in life for everyone. Any type of challenging situation may make us stronger in life but, they also give us excessive stress, which becomes unbearable at times. Stress is not good for our health and thus, we need to apply methods that can provide us relief from such stress effectively. We call those methods relaxation techniques and can build up healthier ways by applying those techniques regularly. Here we come up some of the best relaxation techniques in this regard-

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Why We Need Relaxation Technique?

Stress may appear in a simple panicking feeling in your mind but gradually it can collapse your healthiness and hamper your natural heath immensely. Applying some relaxation techniques to your mind can benefit our mental health amazingly. It has been observed that people, who practice some relaxation techniques regularly, know better ways of living than others. These techniques fight the signs of stress, depression, anxiety, and any type of panicking feeling that could initiate nervous tension in your mind.


Not only this, but relaxation techniques also teach us how to clear the seed of anxiety from our mind entirely from its root. We have to live with normal life tension, right? Relaxation methods teach us how to live with that tension with a happy face and how to prevent it from providing stressful effects to our mind. So, this is why we need to practice some relaxation techniques desperately to stay safe from the unhealthy grasp of stress smartly.

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How Relaxation Techniques Helps Us?

According to t the survey, when we have stress in our mid, it escalates heart rate, tense our muscles, and hamper the normal breathing flow with a rapidness. By trying relaxation techniques, you will be able to settle the abnormality efficiently. These techniques lend a hand in replacing the condition of the heart, respiratory tract, and stiff muscles normal again. They bring you back the condition of your organ similar to when you are calm or relaxed.

Experts say, one should remember that these relaxation methods couldn’t clear the stressful condition from your life, but they can make you prepare for those situations perfectly. As if, you will be able how to not get hyper in a stressful situation, not get panic easily or know how to get rid of anxiety expertly. So, in short, relaxation techniques help us to learn how to live a happy stress-free life even with the presence of stressful conditions in life!

What Are The Best Relaxation Techniques?

No matter the stress you are getting from professional life or personal life, any type of constant chaotic environment could hamper your mental health damagingly. So, one must apply a certified relaxation technique to get rid of mental stress as soon as probable. Fortunately, there more than one or two effectively skilled relaxation techniques we have in our hands at this moment, which can help you immensely in this attempt. Let’s check the best ones among them and learn how to release anxiety from your mind to get a relaxed state of mind naturally-



This is one of the best methods for relaxing your mind. Applying meditation for treating stress has been a tradition since the ancient Indian period. The amazing effectiveness of this method has made this one immensely popular around the whole world. All you need to do in this technique is a peaceful place to sit, where you can practice meditation comfortably.

How to Practice it:

Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes, and center your mind to a particular thought. You may have a problem centering your mind in a single thought at the beginning, but things will be better after a few consistent practice sessions for sure. Use the meditation chant or the wording ‘Om’ or just do it focusing on your breathing track.  

How it Works:

Practicing this type of mindfulness dhyana or meditation, you will learn to focus on the present condition of life without wandering for past or future moments. When people learn to enjoy the present without the fear of the future or trauma of the past, they can get rid of the feeling of stress, anxiety, or depression efficiently.

Autogenic Training:


It is a German relaxation technique that recently gained popularity for treating stress and anxiety expertly. This relaxation method helps to focus on prompting feelings of relaxation in your mind and teaches you how to fight the signs of stress or panic like a pro. This process works as a self-hypnosis way that contains a series of six mental exercises one by one in a single session.

How to Practice it:

Find a quiet and comfortable place of your house for this process too like meditation. Lying down with lose or relaxing outfits, and start breathing very slowly in a completely relaxed position. Focus your mind on different parts of your body by shifting the thought one part to another slowly. Finally, stay at the heartbeat and keep reminding yourself that your heartbeat is completely calm and normal.

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How it Works:

This technique encourages the normal relaxation response in your mind and helps in keeping the impulsive parts of your health naturally. It can drastically reduce any sign of anxiety and prevent them from occurring again in any stressful condition.

Guided Imaginary:


It is a visual-based contemporary process of fighting stress and bringing back mental peace effectively. In this method, you will learn to invoke an image of scenery, places, person, or any delightful thing in your mind that give you pleasure. To apply this technique, one must be imaginative and know how to relate perfectly between imaginary and virtual worlds.

How to Practice it:

A practitioner will remind or generate an image of something in their mind that conjures up sensory awareness. Practice it like a daydream with the conscious condition and close eyes. You need to sit or lie on a place and visualize a scene or image that can calm your mind and relief your mental peace effectively. Try to pick images with personal significance for the quickest result.

How it Works:

When we imagine a picture in our mind that makes our mind happy, it works for the mental relaxation perfectly. By promoting relaxation with such images we can lower the raised blood pressure rate, reduce stress, and eliminate unwanted anxiety from our mind entirely.

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Apart from these three effective methods, you can also try the method of prayer, yoga, body scan, breathing exercise, etc. depending on your body suitability for the ultimate relaxation of your mind.