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Fight Skin Senescence: Keep These 8 Things In Mind To Slow Down Skin Ageing

by Shatakshi Gupta
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Although overall good health is important for us, we do not care about the health of all organs equally. The most cared organ in our body is the skin. People spent thousands and lakhs on the maintenance of their skin. We all want to keep our skin shiny and young. Ageing of the skin is inevitable like all other organs but it can be delayed for some time.

We believe that only our diet is responsible for the visible ageing on the face.To some extent, this is also true but several new pieces of research have found other reasons for this on which most people don’t pay attention. Today, we will talk about 8 such things that we should care about to mitigate skin ageing.

Sleeping posture

According to research in the Journal of the National Library of Medicine, rubbing the face with a pillow while sleeping on the side causes wrinkles to grow. It may sound silly but affects your skin to some extent.

Excessive sugar intake

Sugar is a basic energy form, but its consumption in excess amount is always dangerous for us.After consumption of sugar, during the process of glycation, it turns into dangerous free radicals, which damage cells and make our skin look older.

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More Screen time

We all know that more screen time is not good for the eyes. Moreover, if you work 4 days a week on the computer in 8-hour shifts, it is equivalent to spending 20 minutes in the afternoon sun. Continuously working on the computer can hinder collagen supply, which causes ageing like wrinkles, sagging skin, and age spots.

Solar radiation

Going out in strong sunlight increases the risk of skin damage. As a result, premature wrinkles appear on the skin. If you are stepping out in the sun, cover yourself up or apply sunscreen lotion with at least SPF 30.

Keep skin hydrated

Lack of moisture in the skin is also one of the reasons for premature ageing. Therefore, apply moisturizer on the skin immediately after bathing.  They retain the moisture of the skin for a long time. Apart from this, keep your body hydrated from the inside. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.  This reduces the effect of wrinkles and also increases the glow of the face.

Dietary habits

Just like our digestive system oily and spicy food is also very harmful to our skin.Besides, we must include food items in our diet in which Vitamin-E and Vitamin-C are in good quantity. Moreover, we also include Antioxidant-rich items as they neutralize the effect of elements that damage cells.  For this, take green leafy vegetables, kiwi, lemon, dry fruits and dairy products in the diet.

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Physical workout

Getting obese and leading a sedentary lifestyle are also responsible for skin ageing.  According to experts, a 1-hour workout is necessary at least 5 days a week. Its effect is visible on the face as well as the body. By increasing the circulation of blood in the body, the glow of the skin increases and wrinkles can also be controlled to a great extent.

Keep smiling

Happiness has a direct effect on your skin. By laughing and smiling, the muscles of the face are stretched which increases the blood supply in the veins of your face. Due to which the effect of ageing also decreases.