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Sigs of Having Heart Problems

by Madhushree Ghosh
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  • What is TMT
  • Is it Possible of Catching Heart Issues During TMT
  • What Symptoms Indicates Heart Problems When a Person is Undergoing TMT

Having heart problems is not new for us and recognizing the symptoms is also familiar with the spreading awareness of this contemporary era. But what if we have cardiac arrest or any cardiovascular issues during the analysis period of heart problems? Well, many of us have already face this issue and feel clueless about what is right or what is forbidden at that time? So, here we come up with clear guidance on this matter about how to recognize heart problem during a test and what to do with it, let’s take a quick look at them-


What is TMT?

TMT is a common test of heart that works as a cardiac stress test. This cardiological test determines the ability of the heart and its reaction to the external stress in a restricted clinical environment. The stress response usually came out by exercising or intravenous pharmacological incentives.

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This is a treadmill test, performs on a running treadmill from which the doctor catches the exact response of your heart when it’s being pushed. This test lets the experts identify how far your heart can go prior to the heart flow blood to the heart muscles. They also catch ECG, BP, and the overall heart rate of a person throughout this single test.

The exercise test takes 10-15 minutes while the entire course of TMT needs more than a half-hour or around 45 minutes to be completed. The overall expenditure of such a test could reach 2000 to 3000 rupees starting from 300, depending on the city you live in.

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If the test result comes negative then you don’t need to worry and you must have a normal cardiovascular condition with no serious coronary artery disease. On the other hand, if you diagnosed positive, check for their health of coronary arteries and hospitalize immediately with an increased coronary event.

Is it Possible of Catching Heart Issues During TMT?

There are proofs of catching cardiac problems or any serious heart condition of several heart patients that can be detected during a TMT test. During this treadmill test, the normal heart rate and blood flow increase themselves to cater to more oxygen as well as adequate nutrients to the cells. This entire process of exercise during a TMT test lets your doctor know how your heart works under stress.

Throughout this test, the signs and symptoms become more evident about the possible heart problems you may have. The Electrocardiogram Heart Rate or EKG and blood pressure level is also monitored with the heart rate during this TMT test. The EKG determines the electrical movement that moves in the course of your heart with the heartbeats. A vigorous heart gives a specific pattern of reactions, while unhealthy or problematic heart rates provide a different pattern of response.

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During this inappropriate test report, a health expert may detect unusual heart rhythms, heart valve malfunction, coronary artery disease, insufficient blood flow into the vessels, plaque buildup into the vessel, etc. By the echocardiogram test, a cardiologist also checks the pattern of your heart like its size, shape, or thickness. A TMT test also ensures the condition of the chambers ad valves of your heart along with the pumping capability of heart with every single heartbeat.

What do Symptoms indicate Heart Problems When a Person is Undergoing TMT?

When a person is undergoing the exercise test TMT, several signs occur to verify that the person has normal heart problems through the specific electrical reactions. Consequently, a serious heart condition indicates an alter set of signs.


Sometimes, a person with a serious heart condition may have a heart problem even during the test is running. To recognize that you must know the true symptoms of heart problems in an exercise test. some of the common signs in this regard are as follows-

  • chest pain
  • fainting
  • collapsing
  • irregular heartbeat
  • shortness of breath
  • stiff joints
  • weakness
  • lightheadedness
  • and even a heart attack

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Generally, the present cardiologist is expert enough to recognize these signs, but if your doctor doesn’t pay attention, tell them clearly about your complications before things gone out of the control.