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Sex Education For Teenagers!

by Sakshi Patkar

Sex is a word or topic on which hardly anyone talks on. The word and its meaning has made talks so difficult, and the people have made it uncomfortable or uncommon topic to talk about. Whether it is a celebrity, public speaker, politicians or any other person who has a huge following and influence on people are very uncomfortable or conscious of discussing or educating on the topic “sex”. Why ? what may be the reason. 

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While the reason might be different but one common reason is always that men’s dominance in society and keeping women like a tool in a box, which is just like another cage and making them be too conscious about their private parts. Yes, we as a human has forgotten that the penis and vagina are just body parts before we had made them private. And the whole world is chasing them and that may be the reason that 60 % of today internet is all about pornography in some or another way. Look where we have been directed. And the reason might also be one poor sex education. Children will learn sex through pornography but will destroy their brains as the only dominance will be left is lust.

If we look around society the number of rape cases are just increasing day by day especially in countries where sex education is very poor. A country like India is culturally rich and strict in terms of women freedom and easy access to porn have made men in India have a poor mindset about sex.

sex education

India has various ongoing government schemes for sex education for a different topic, including emotional relations and responsibilities, sexual activity, human sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction, age of consent, reproductive right, safe sex, birth control etc.

We have a history where children were not educated about sex as a discussion about this topic was considered taboo.

There are a variety of examples of sex education, These include a parent teaching to his child where babies come from, a friend telling another friend about how to use a condom, or a teacher explaining his or her students about the risks of sexually-transmitted diseases. Students in the United States often take sex education classes in middle or high school. Some schools may require parental permission before students can take sex education and this is not available in India as discussing on sex is considered a taboo.



Health and safety-oriented sex education is sex education that Explain students the working or mechanics of sex as well as basics of birth control. Students may receive lessons in choosing and using different forms of birth control. This form of sex education focuses primarily on physical well-being, and students who receive this type of education are generally better-prepared to protect themselves from any further problem. Students are teached that how unprotected sex can be risk of of getting sexually transmitted diseases and chances of girls pregnancy and sex on ovulation day, but still students might not be prepared emotionally for the of having sex.

sex education based on health


Comprehensive or broadened sex education Teaches that sexuality is a natural, normal, healthy part of life. It also shows  sexual intercourse is the most effective method of preventing unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. Comprehensive sex education provides  values-based education and offers students the opportunity to explore and define their individual values as well as the values of their families and communities. This also includes wide variety of sexuality related topics, such as human development, relationships, interpersonal skills, sexual expression, sexual health, and society and culture, factual information on abortion, masturbation, and sexual orientation. Comprehensive sex education Teaches that proper use of latex condoms, along with water-based lubricants, can greatly reduce, the risk of unwanted pregnancy and of infection with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including HIV. In this type of education it is explained to students that religious values can play an important role in an individual’s decisions about sexual expression; offers students the opportunity to explore their own and their family’s religious values.


Generally if a girl faces an unwanted pregnancy in most of culture it is advised or forced for abortion. But in comprehensive sex education teaches that if a woman has faced with an unwanted pregnancy has options: carrying the pregnancy  and raising the baby, or carrying the pregnancy to and placing the baby for adoption, or ending the pregnancy with an abortion.


This is a traditional kind of education that  Teaches that sexual expression before marriage will have harmful social, psychological, and physical consequences.


It Teaches that abstinence from sexual intercourse before marriage is the only acceptable behavior. Sex before is considered taboo in this kind of education and Usually omits controversial topics such as abortion, masturbation,and sexual orientation.

It also Often includes inaccurate medical information and unorganized statistics regarding sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV; suggests that STDs are a results of premarital sexual behavior.


Sex education in school can clear up many notions about sex and its effects, but only if the subject is approached in an interactive, clinical manner. Teenagers have many questions but nobody to ask – most do not want to talk to their parents about it, and they hardly receive any useful inputs from friends. In this scenario, sex education for teenagers becomes an essential activity.

1. Sex education for teenagers is an important subject; unfortunately, not many schools offer it is as a compulsory subject in the syllabus especially in India. Sadly, many teenagers are getting information about sex from their mates, pornography and from their elders in school or neighbours. Teenagers getting into these stories may end up with several wrong ideas about sex, and create a different approach, about the opposite gender and their approach to sex.

2. Children especially teenagers go through  many physical and hormonal changes. They grow in height, girls develop hips and breasts, boys experience their first erections and ejaculations, girls get their first period.the list goes on and on. The hot mix of hormones in their systems also makes them curious about the opposite sex, and they may have many questions about sex and how to do it. Sex education can help them understand the basics of sex.


3. Sex education in school provides early knowledge for what the sexual act means, how a pregnancy may take place, what contraception means and what is safe sex. The teacher may also educate on the legalities and law involved – that sex with a person below the age of 18 is illegal, that the legal age for marriage is 18 years for women and 21 years for men, and that forced sex with a minor is still a crime.

4. Sex education in school empowers teenagers to get educate with the right knowledge about sex and why they should wait till they are 18 years of age to have their first sexual experience. They also get information on safe sex and how to perform it, and why it is important to use a condom for any one of partner. Both girls and boys can get information on birth control methods, and on topics like sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancies, etc. 

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