Scientific Prescription Of Being Outdoors For Better Health

by Dr. Himani Singh

Most of the people spend their time  in their work place under  fluorescen lights and in front of computers /laptop and after office when they come back at home they spend most of the time in front of television screens or on mobile. Spending time too much under indoors not much beneficial as point of the health. Being involve with sometimes with outdoors is fun, as well as good for your  brain, body, and soul. Nature is always prove beneficial and essential for human health.

Here are some scientific reasons why you should get up close with Nature and outdoor activities:


Outdoors boosts your energy:

Often when we get tired we need a strong coffee, but research suggests a better way to get energized is to connect with nature. A study suggest that by spending 20 minutes in the open air you can boost more your brain as comparable to one cup of coffee. Some study also suggests that people’s mental energy also increase even if they looked at nature pictures.


Nature Can Boost Your Memory:

A study done by the University of Michigan found that students who spend time more in nature they have ability to improve memories. This research done on two groups of the students. These two groups are participants in a memory test. One group took a walk in a fully green garden and the other took a walk through some city streets. When both groups returned from there walk then garden group scored 20% better on their tests, as compared to city walk group.

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Increases brain function:

If you are able to boost your energy level and reduce fatigue, you have chances to increase your brain function. By this way your brain can restore itself  and harnessing your highest analytical abilities. Some research indicate that just spending  twenty minutes in nature can allow your brain to refresh, restore and start functioning again.

Helpful in being less anxiety:

You can experience that if you walk in green grass or in garden or in nature you feel less anxious, angry and stressed. Even a simple plant But it will be more effective if you go for outdoor things like nature or garden. Sunlight helps keep your serotonin levels in your body which helps raise your energy and keeps your mood calm.

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