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Sauna Baths: Benefits & Facts

by Arpita Wadhawan
Sauna Bath

Saunas have been used by humankind for over a thousand years. The benefits of sweating have never been unknown to us. Right from the sweat houses of the Mayans some 3000 years ago, to the modern ones in the heart of Los Angeles, USA, saunas have always been in fashion. More than a million saunas in the USA are a testimony to its uses and benefits.

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Here are some facts and benefits :

  1. Sauna

A sauna is a room for relaxing in dry heat. The temperature is usually between 70 degrees to 100 degrees Celsius.

  1. Great for controlling hypertension

A recent scientific report by the American Journal of Hypertension has found that regular sauna bathing was directly linked with prevention and lowering of hypertension.

  1. Ease pain

Sauna has been proved to be extremely beneficial for muscle soreness, joint pains, and arthritic pains.

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  1. Reduce stress levels

Sauna improves blood circulation in the body. Improved blood circulation reduces stress levels and promotes health.

  1. Blood pressure control

A sauna bath leads to vasodilation, which leads to a drop in blood pressure significantly. Over a period of time, this leads to low and stable blood pressure.

  1. CVDs reduced

It has been scientifically proven that regular sauna bathing resulted in a reduced probability of cardiovascular diseases. People who take a sauna bath regularly have a lower risk of dying from cardiovascular implications than others.

  1. Skin problems

A dry sauna takes away the moisture from the skin when used. Thus, this phenomenon is helpful to some people with skin problems, but it may be detrimental to some others. For example, this is harmful to people with dermatitis, but may help patients suffering from psoriasis.

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  1. Respiratory tract benefits

A sauna helps and aids the increased activity of the respiratory tract. It is especially beneficial for people with asthma. It removes any irritants clogging the airways, reduces phlegm and opens up the airways.

  1. Alzheimer’s and dementia incidence risk reduced

A study published in 2016 associated sauna with a lower incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s. It was found that those who used a sauna 2 to 3 times per week were 22 percent less likely to get dementia and 20 percent less likely to get Alzheimer’s than those who did not use a sauna.

  1. Risks

Apart from all the benefits, there are certain associated risks like dehydration due to the dryness. This can also lead to nausea and dizziness. Use of alcohol during dry sauna may aggravate one or more of these risks.

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