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Relationship and Brutal Truth

by Madhushree Ghosh
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  • What is the Hardest Part in a Relationship
  • What is The Brutal Truth about Relationship
  • Why it is Essential to Face the Brutal Truth in Relationship
  • Some Tips on How to Express the Brutal Truth in Relationship

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Relationships are complicated and tricky to continue without any problem. But things can be inspiring and easy to handle if you know how to manage it wisely with some smart rules. The way you connect relationships with its brutal truth is one significant part of deciding the complicacy of your relationship. Brutal truth sometimes hard to digest but they make the trust stronger between partners. So, if you know how to deal with brutal truth in a serious relationship, it will actually make your bond stronger with your partner instead of weakening it. Here we come up with a few important points on brutal truth in a relationship in this regard, let’s check them out and smartly be an expert in a relationship-


What Is The Hardest Part in a Relationship?

If you are new in a relationship, everything you do feels like the hardest part and every single day seems like a challenge to you. However, after certain while, when you will learn to handle issues elegantly, things turn much easier for you. At such moments, only a few sides of the relationship remain complicated and they are considered as the hardest part in a relationship.

No matter you are experienced or novice in a relationship but the list of the hardest part doesn’t change much for us. Some common hardest parts recommended by some people in serious relationships are as follows-

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  • When you see the feeling of your partner start changing
  • Having faith in a partner, who has broken it once
  • Adjusting with a characteristic which you can’t stand
  • Depending on the same partner emotionally after being betrayed once
  • And admitting brutal truth with your partner

What is The Brutal Truth about Relationship?

The brutal truth of the relationship is something that makes a person more realistic and practical towards life. It also teaches us how to use the truth to build a relationship instead of a bunch of craps. Once you are complying with the theory of considering brutal truth, you will be more confident to handle your relationship.


The brutal truth of relationship is one kind that is truthful but not easily digestible. It can be a varied person to person depending on their priorities and experience. Still, one must be cautious before using it in a serious ongoing relationship. Some common types of brutal truth in a typical relationship are-

  1. There must be a few secrets every couple hide from each other, which going be a reason for their problems
  2. In the beginning, some morons focus on hookups more than making the bond strong
  3. People often find interest in another person instead of their partner after a certain
  4. People lost interest or get bore in a relationship without the course of ongoing excitement
  5. At the starting point, people get blinded by the infatuation and overlook the problematic attributes of a partner, which often give trouble over time
  6. People give importance to the likes and dislikes of their partner more at the beginning of a relationship, but as time passed, they learn to care more about themselves
  7. No matter how barely one tries, no one can express the real depth of their love to their partner
  8. Sometimes, we have to act manipulative to keep distractions away and make our partner closer to us
  9. Relationships are meant to be ended and most of the relationships are going end at some points, no matter how hard you try to save it
  10. And having an affair with a particular person often makes us a bit distracted from normal social life, which we usually have before getting committed

These are some brutal and unavoidable truths of every relationship that no one desires to admit but actually, they are true. Let’s set them on your mind before going for a long term serious relationship in your life.

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Why it is Essential to Face the Brutal Truth in Relationship?

Sometimes, people wonder, why it is essential to know the brutal truth sides of relationships and why we have to get such a reality check in a relationship. Well, it has its facilities and advantageous sides, which are crucial to building an unbreakable bond with our partner. According to the relationship experts, getting familiar with the atrocious or cruel truth sides of a relationship benefit us efficiently in building a problem-free strong relationship with our loved ones. The reasons for recognizing brutal truth in a relationship are-

  • They give you a reality check
  • Give you more practical view about the relationship
  • Provide fewer problems in the future from your relationship
  • Make you realize the tricky sides of being in a relationship
  • Help you recognize your partner more deeply
  • Make you identify what a real relationship is
  • Teach you to have faith in the relationship
  • Show you the sign of recognizing a true relationship
  • Help you to find out which partners are meant to be together and which not
  • And make you realize, you don’t need to be a relationship expert to handle it perfectly.

Some Tips on How to Express the Brutal Truth in Relationship:

Once you realize the benefits of identifying the brutal truth of relationships, you can’t resist yourself from using it to make your relationship stronger with the loved ones. But, what turns difficult for a person is that expressing the true color of brutal truth to their partner, especially those who are completely unaware of the harshness of truth. In such matters, you can follow these below-mentioned tips to explain to them the sides of brutal truth without making it harsh for them; let’s check them out quickly-

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  • First of all, make your mind strong and believe that there is no wrongness in expressing truth to your partner
  • Be prepared with the possibilities you can face after exposing the truth
  • Make sure you are using real truth and there is no bluff behind it
  • Avoid exposing the truth with wrong reasons or which have no connection with your relationship
  • Now, make some essential arrangements to make the place private when you are going to express some brutal truth to your partner
  • Pick the right time and place to expose the brutal truth to your partner
  • Try to explain things after meeting personally and avoid indirect communication while exposing such brutal truth
  • Express it quickly at once without making things complicated or wasting any time
  • Make sure you are not extra harsh whiling  being honest to your partner
  • Get help from reliable friends or family member if it is necessary
  • Never feel guilty or blame yourself for telling the truth to your loved ones
  • Give your partner some time to digest the harshness of brutal truth after telling it
  • Provide helping hand from friends or close family members to your partner to help them cope up from that situation
  • And make your partner realize that exposing the brutal truth is a significant part of a strong relationship

That’s how you can get benefits from brutal truth in relationships despite the unavoidable harshness of it.