Home Health Providing You The Detailed Information Of Cold Compress

Providing You The Detailed Information Of Cold Compress

by Shivani Singh
Cold Compress

A cold compress is a very useful measure that we can take in case of a variety of occurrences. Ranging from use in case of injuries, headaches, eye pain or even allergies, these are very easy to make at home, while also being equally available commercially. More often than not, a cold compress consists of a plastic bag filled with ice. If it is too cold, wrapping it in a piece of cloth is also useful.

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So How Do Cold Compresses Operate?

  • They are extremely cold and by virtue of this, they help lower temperature in a part of the body. They inhibit blood flow in that particular area, numbing the nerves and thus alleviates the pain, albeit temporarily.
  • It can only be used to treat symptomatic pain and cannot target the actual underlying cause of it.
  • It can effectively counter and prevent inflammation if applied on the injury within a short span of time.
  • It slows down any internal bleeding that might be happening inside the tissues.

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When Are Cold Compresses Preferred?

A cold compress is preferable in case of acute injuries like ankle injury, sprain, wrist injury and a variety of other sports injuries. In contact sports like football, cold compresses come in extremely handy to treat tenderness, redness, warm skin and swelling.

Cold Compress

It is also a handy technique in case of severe headaches. In case of chronic injuries occurring over a period of time, cold compresses are not much useful, as it cannot effectively relax muscle or tissues.

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How Should Cold Compresses Be Used?

A cold compress should not preferably be used at a stretch for more than twenty minutes to half an hour. The general idea that using it for a longer period of time results in better results but which is quite unwarranted. The intended result is to numb the area of injury by restricting blood flow to ease the pain, till the better treatment method is available. The cold compress should be used within the first 48 hours of injury, for best results.

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What Are The Typical Injuries It Is Applicable To?

  • It is extremely good for eye pain. It makes the redness and soreness of the eye go away and also inhibits fluid retention around your eye after you sleep.
  • Sports injuries.
  • Cold compresses are effective in case of high fevers, where they quickly lower the body temperature and provide relief.
  • Useful in case of moderate to severe headaches.

Cold compress or cold therapy is useful, especially when combined with adequate rest, Proper care, correct posture and exercises after inflammation. It helps to speed up the recovery process, so follow the following tips shown in the given article and learn about the use of cold compress techniques.



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