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Protect yourself from Long Covid; Follow these tips to recover faster from Covid-19

by Healthnews24seven Desk

It has now been more than two years of the corona pandemic, but the world is still struggling with the deadly virus. Due to the new Omicron variant, the cases of Corona are increasing rapidly throughout the world. In such a situation the threat of long COVID is looming over our heads.

Long Covid is a situation in which corona symptoms remain for a prolonged period. In such a situation, we must fasten our belts to prepare for the infection. Here are some tips to recover faster from COVID infection

Stay Hydrated:

To recover quickly from Corona, it is necessary to drink adequate water. Being hydrated helps the body gets recovered from Corona easily. Due to sickness body loses fluid, to compensate for this fluid we must drink sufficient water during infection.

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Take proper rest:

Bed rest is necessary to recover from COVID infection. After Corona, the doctors recommend that the body should be given sufficient rest. During infection our body gets weak and it gets exhausted quickly. So, it is a prudent choice to take a rest during infection.

Take a healthy diet:

A paucity of many important nutrients gets created in our body during the infection. Therefore, it is important to include more nutritious things in your diet. During infection, do not consume spicy food, junk food, soft drinks and alcohol.

Start exercising once symptoms are gone:

Exercise daily once your symptoms get supressed to keep the body healthy. Yoga can also be very helpful to keep you healthy.


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Stay strong mentally:

Do not forget about the mental health, corona pandemic has caused so much trauma. When someone struggles with this infection, not only does his body become weak, but the person becomes mentally weak. COVID-19 can have serious repercussions from anxiety and stress. Therefore it is important to take care of the mental health. For this, you must resort to meditation.