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How Long Will It Take To Get Pregnant After Sex?

by Bharti
chances to get pregnant after sex

Be it planned or unplanned, pregnancy is one such thing for which there are extra care, nourishment and love that needs to be done in those 9 months and after that when the baby comes out the life altogether totally differs. But unfortunately, a sedentary lifestyle has made it so difficult for the couple to plan things well. Some so many people have been trying to get a baby but are not either because of the issues or because the time is not right. If you are also planning for a baby then it is always better to have a word with your health care expert who can advise you on the same.

chances to get pregnant

This article is going to cover the following objects:

  •         It is all about the timing
  •         The crucial thing that matters
  •         Understanding different emergency contraception
  •         The chances of you to get pregnant after sex
  •         Noticeable pregnancy symptoms and associated myths to be worried of

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It Is All About The Timing:

Pregnancy doesn’t start the moment you have unprotected sex. Rather, it takes nearly is says after the sperm gets inside the ovary for it to join the eg and make it fertilized. It nearly takes three to four days for an active sperm to reach the egg and make it completely fertilized and then plant the egg in the uterus. At the implantation is the time when the pregnancy starts and your hormones need the support for the pregnancy to get released correctly. This was just the basic thing you have understood so far, further let us boost the knowledge on how to increase the chances of getting pregnant.


It does not matter whether you are planning to have a baby this year itself or the next year, it is always better to speak with your doctor as right from the diet plan till the routine lifestyle everything needs to be balanced. The routine healthy living that you follow in your life will have the right effect on the baby’s growth and there won’t be much of the risk at the time of pregnancy too. So make sure you speak with your doctor, have a healthy work-life which doesn’t have much of the stress and also see to it that you are having the food which is quite healthy enough for you to enjoy.

The Crucial Thing That Matters:

If we consider the human making process, a woman is the one holding the baby for the next 9 months. He gets pregnant when she gets physically involved with her partner. The process includes sex that includes a penis intercourse vagina. There is semen that gets on the vulva or even near the vaginal opening. The cell of the sperms can swim inside the vagina which is why the chance so pregnancy increases. If the active sperm with an active cell manages to reach the egg and enters it, then the egg becomes fertilized and then moves further inside the uterus. The only way to be sure if you are pregnant or not is by taking a pregnancy test. It may be 99% percent accurate and there is still one percent that you need to be sure of for which only a doctor can be of great help.

the crusial things that matters

In case, you are not ready or have had unprotected sex which was not planned then you can consider emergency contraception which is a safety pill that helps in not letting the conceiving process gets completed.

Understanding Different Emergency Contraception:

There is different emergency contraception limitation that one can opt for. However, the most common one is the pill. It is also said that natural remedy does have a wonderful effect and for which people advise to go on a papaya date. However, one cannot just simply take ills or such contraception solution without thinking as some factors first need to be considered. A pill is made of different ingredients if the person is not allergic to any of that then possible side fests can be avoided. Further, the effect of the pill also depends on the time you had sex (basically it needs to be taken within 72 hours of having unsafe sex), then your weight, whether you are currently breastfeeding the baby and so on. It does not matter which type, of course, such type of contraception solution works fine with the way when you soon take it. You surely can get the emergency contraception at the drugstore who can give you the alternative depending on the budget you have. To avoid any kind of risk, you are advised to take it in the morning right after your breakfast. There are also birth control options that people use before or even during sex such as implant pills, IUD and condoms to name a few which are the most affordable and convenient options.

pregnancy contraptions

Surely by now, you know that within one week after sex leads to pregnancy. Now what matters the most is to understand noticing the symptoms of pregnancy. The symptoms associated with it may start as early as a week soon after you had sex or sometimes it may even take ample weeks to start.  Some women may not notice early morning sickness symptoms while for some such sickness can be a hell of a lot of experience. The fertilization process can occur within a few minutes of sex too. But there are also chances to have intercourse on Monday but maybe you might not have got conceived until Friday.

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The Chances Of You To Get Pregnant After Sex:

As per the studies made it is said that a sperm ideally takes a maximum of 10 minutes to travel from the cervix to the Fallopian tubes. But it is also important to understand the fact that sperm tend to swim up through the uterus. It does not matter whether you are lying on the onward direction. If there is an egg that has been waiting then the conception can occur sooner which would make it to three minutes soon after you had the intercourse.

  • It is believed that sperm has the survival capacity up to five days inside the female reproductive system. This means that if you had sex it doesn’t have to be the time you got pregnant.
  • At times, the doctor may suggest the conception day depending on the weeks for which the features measured in the ultrasound. The conception date then may not match with the day the couple might have had intercourse. This ideally would then delay in the fertilization process.
  • In case a woman is ovulating and you had sex then it gets high chances for you to get pregnant. Unless the process of implantation gets successfully done then surely you may not be called pregnant.

the chances of you to get pregnant after sex

There are so many people in the misconception thinking that the process of fertilization occurs within the uterus but this is not true at all. When the sperm cells meet the egg in the Fallopian tube that is the time when conception occurs. Soon after conception, the embryo will then have to travel through different development strategies before it starts getting itself implanted inside the lining of the uterine

For the implantation, it may go up to 10 days soon after fertilization. But chances of fertilization can be quick right after sexual intercourse.

Noticeable Pregnancy Symptoms And Associated Myths To Be Worried Of:

Unfortunately, when you get pregnant there are no noticeable symptoms that are likely to notice. Rather, you need to understand that some of the potential symptoms of pregnancy are literally unnoticeable and may not even appear till the time embryo implantation

pregnancy myths

Here are some women who have also claimed that they came to know that they have conceived right within a few minutes of the sex. But the fact is this at the exact stage is not at all possible. If you want to understand the potential signs associated with a pregnancy then you need to understand that they are not understandable unless the embryo implantation occurs and this usually doesn’t happen for the next 10 days which includes the process of fertilization and implantation together.

Another myth that many women believe is lying on the back right after sex increase the chances to get pregnant. Well, it might be hope to assume that it makes the pregnancy process easier but there is no such research that has proved that if you lie don right after sex the chances of pregnancy increase.

noticeable pregnancy or associated myths

You need to keep one thing in mind and that is right minutes after you indulge in the sexual intercourse there would be hours and even days that you might not get convicted. But yes sometimes the horizontal lying can increase the chances but that does not mean it is the only way to get pregnant. Sperm cell runs towards the ovaries and the effects of cells to reach the ovaries are not the entire ones that were inside the vagina. The pregnancy test will not detect the conception right after the sex you guys made. So have patience, take a week off and relax and you never know you may soon get to hear the good news. Now that things are pretty clear to you, sit with your partner and decide on the right time to have a family.

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