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10 Pregnancy Advice For First-Time Moms!

by Bharti
top 10 pregnancy advices for first time moms

To find out that you are pregnant can always be a huge mix feeling of emotions. It does not matter whether it is planned or unplanned, if you have finally decided to give it life then surely, it is important for you to understand that there are so many things being a mother you have to follow. With so much advice that might be popping into your head, you shall surely wonder which should be rigidly followed and which to be avoided but frankly, of all, it is important to advise you to stay happy and healthy till your child is all dependent on you. Be that the baby is in your tummy or the baby who relies on you for breastfeeding, it is important that you follow some efficient tips and advice that can help you in the long run.

pregnancy advices for first time moms

You may get advice from your friends who had already gone through the journey of the pregnancy but the best part is, here are some tips that might be of great help to you which is a first-time mom you would need the most.

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This article is going to cover the following objects:

  •         Stay away from Google
  •         Exercise in moderation
  •         Know what you are eating
  •         You don’t smell awful
  •         Have a set of maternity clothes ready
  •         You don’t glow rather you need a face wash
  •         Sex is okay
  •         Scented detergent don’t harm
  •         Except the fact that you are gaining
  •         Avoid listening to 10 advice
  •         Some quick note

1. Stay Away From Google:

Yes! You might have come to this page after searching a lot on Google. But frankly, Google has got a lot of many other links and information as well which may not be accurate enough for a pregnant lady to believe especially when it comes to taking care of the child or herself in that phase. It is almost impossible to not looking for every darn symptom that you may face at the particular stage in which your baby is growing. But this surely will drive you nuts and if you don’t want it then probably the right thing for you is to stay out of it.

stay away from google

2. Exercise In Moderation:

If you had always been a fitness freak and just because you are pregnant you think you are missing the best of it then here is the good news for you. You can check with your doctor first but a good walk of at least 1 to 2 km is also sufficient for you. You can maintain and even increase your fitness goal in that process but make sure you avoid all kinds of high risk and the contact sports. You can focus on 15 minutes of regular walking or swimming activities be it three or four times a week and then work up to 30 minutes maybe four times a week.

exercise in moderation

3. Know What You Are Eating:

Taste buds should be welcomed but you also need to be careful with what you are eating. Don’t just make pregnancy as some kind of an excuse to get involved in the food that you might never have had earlier because you want to focus on your figure and looks. Now let’s be frank! Morning sickness is likely to happen because of which you may feel like having food all the time. You can, however, be careful with only eating the food that your baby needs as a part of nourishment. Especially to say this, watch out for the carbs intake that you have.

know what you are eating

4. You Don’t Smell Awful:

Yes, no doubt that excessive perspiration would be causing some mudslides like vaginal discharge smell that you would notice and which of course shall frustrate you. But this smell will not cause any harm to you or the person sitting next to you because it is not as disgusting and as smelly in front of all as you are actually thinking. The smell, however, can be controlled well, if you wash with a mild soap or there are some vaginal cleaning applications that are absolutely safe to be used. Still, if things are frustrating you then you can go ahead and speak with your doctor on this.

you dont smell awful

5. Have A Set Of Maternity Clothes Ready:

This is also another important thing that you must keep in mind. For baby clothes can be confusing and we all agree to that but yes, you must be ready with 2 sets of maternity clothes because time can come any day soon and it is important that you take care of yourself and do some Maternity clothes shopping. Rather than focusing on what is trending, look for what can be the most comfortable one for you.  Non-maternity sweaters and leggings can also be of great help to you if you want to save some extra penny.

6. You Don’t Glow Rather You Need A Face Wash:

If next time anybody comes to you and tells you that you have a face glowing and probably it is one healthy effect of pregnancy then frankly hang in there! It is not the glow but oily skin and before it turns out to be the pimple issue, you are advised to right away wash off your face with the right cleanser. There is no such thing called the face glow neither does your hormones would do any kind of charm to increase the glow on the face, it is simply the greasiness. Rather, your hormones may cause some breakouts to your skin and hair for which you need to take extra care.

you dont glow rather you need a face wash

7. Sex Is Okay:

If you are thinking that having sex during this phase is a big no no then frankly this is absolutely not right. Rather, you can have sex just the way you normally have. Rather, you and your partner may think that your baby is getting some penis poke or there a gouge happening but the fact is this is not true at all. You under the strict guidance of the doctor can have the sex as and when and in what possible you are told to. This way without any risk and fear you guys can still enjoy making love with one another.

sex is okay

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8. Scented Detergent Don’t Harm:

There are so many rumors and even people who have heard a lot about the fact that scented detergents can be quite harmful to the baby. Some even had spread the fake news stating that it literally can cause severe problems like autism or have a radioactive emitting of the microwave that can harm the baby. But friendly, it is okay to stay away from chemicals and hazards but approved household products cause no harm so you don’t really have to be panicking about it all the time.

scented detergent dont harm

9. Except The Fact That You Are Gaining:

This could be a baby bump with some baby fat on the cheeks but if you are missing the old version of yourself then let me tell you, it is rather time to focus on yourself rather than focusing on the shape because your baby needs nourishment and vitamins so irrespective of what you eat (which of course junk is not counted to be a part) you must not focus on the weight gain. Rather, understand that most of the weight gain is because of the little one growing inside you. So take some time, and understand that skinny person which you were once is not going to be here anymore for some time.

except the fact that you are gaining

10. Avoid Listening To 10 Advice:

It is always better to only consider the advice of your doctor who would be suggesting you rightly rather than focusing on anything else. This is the most important to you and it is not just self-preservation but those who must have had in the mind of getting pregnant may advise you about the pregnancy and child-rearing the moment you tell them that you are having a baby. Just stay positive and take only positive things with you because your baby needs that.

avoid listening others

Some Quick Note:

Moving further, there could be a possibility for you to have morning sickness and even nausea based problems in the first trimester and this can be quite frustrating. But you can get these things in control by taking an herb called ginger-root tea or having vitamin B 6 which is advised to be taken off at least 25 milligrams. Your doctor, of course, will give you a clear idea other than this avoids a few things such as:

  • No more smoking
  • Say no to alcohol
  • Depression is not right
  • Don’t be a doctor for yourself but visit one for any serious signs you notice.

It is better to have prenatal care done on a regular basis to avoid any kind of issues and also get some thoughtful guidance during this entire journey of motherhood.

avoid smoking and drinking alcohol

Now that these tips are right in front of you, it is time to stay happy and shoo away those scary thoughts that may try to affect you somehow. After all, the journey of pregnancy is one such amazing phase of life that should be enjoyed rather than being sad or disappointed. It is a phase when a woman also enters the life of motherhood and that is why it is more than a special one that you must welcome with your partner and stick to one other in all thick and thin times.

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