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Tips on parenting a Special Child; to prevent Negligence

by Puja
Special Child
  • Introduction
  • Some facts that you should be aware about
  • Tips to raise a child with special needs
  • Conclusion

Parenthood is a blessing for every couple as a child brings immense happiness and joy to the life. Every child is different and is born with special characteristics. Thus, upbringing a child with special needs can be challenging and rewarding at the same time.

At times, it can spike up the stress levels among the partners or the siblings. However, you should understand that you are not alone and should have full faith in your parenting abilities. You should make your best efforts to be extra loving, patient and kind.

There will be days when you might have to struggle more or you could be more tired. You just need to be consistent and not quit. There is actually no rule book to decide what is best for your child’s development and growth. When you achieve every milestone like schooling and first steps towards words, you might have to look out for advice of the doctors, caretakers and other parents. Caring for any children is an adventure but the journey of a parent with special child is special with more twists and turns.

Some facts that you should be aware about

While parenting a special child, you can encounter with the following things:

  • Bitterness can grow because of the days filled with new challenges.
  • You be at times uncertain about what is best for your child’s development.
  • You can get frustrated with the changing information from the specialists.In the process, you become sad and gloomy while thinking about the unfulfilled dreams.
  • Sometimes, you might get irritated to those advises that are rendered by the people who are unaware of your everyday stress.
  • You might feel jealous looking at the typical families where everything seems normal.
A Frustrated Couple

Tips to raise a child with special needs

Raising a child with special needs would require mental power and here are some of the tips that will help you to do a marvelous job.

Understand the special needs

If you are a new parent to a special child, your daily challenge would be to control the behavior of the child and read their mind and action. This would take time and can be frustrating initially. It is crucial to submerge yourself in your child’s disabilities so that you can work upon them.

You can utilize all the resources to find a better way to handle them. Speak with your child’s school counselor, therapist, doctor or the specialists to get an insight about their particular needs.

Understand that you are not alone

There might not the only one who are dealing with the same symptoms as your child. However, there are families who are struggling with similar challenges in their children.

When you talk to such families or parents, you can enhance your knowledge and take ideas on how to understand the needs of your special children. You will get big support from them. Whenever you feel frustrated and lonely, just think about them and remind yourself that you are the only one who is fighting.

You deserve to take care of yourself

As discussed early caring a child with special child can be stressful and tiring. You might feel that they need constant care and you should be around all the time. However, it is equally important to take care of yourself as well.

Woman Pampering Herself

You need and deserved to be care as much as your child is. You might get meals ordered from your favorite restaurant, go for a date night, or do whatever you enjoy the most. Take your time out and enjoy yourself because you are worth it.

It is okay if you are not perfect

No one on this earth is perfect even if some people think that they are. Everyone makes mistakes and no one does it intentionally. When you are already under so much pressure, at times you might do mistakes unknowingly.

If you forgot to make the appointment with the doctor or your child had a bad day at school, you just need to stop thinking about it and calm down yourself. Think about how you can rectify the error in a fresh mind so that you can come up with amazing ideas for the future.

Never judge your child by their behavior (special or not)

Everyone reacts differently in a same situation. The behavior varies from one person to other as everyone has their own thought process. A child with special needs might interpret their surroundings to uncertain and hostile. Therefore, it is natural for them to throw tantrums, cry or scream in a given situation.

You should understand that when they do this, you need to deal with their emotional face and not with the child directly. The trick is to keep yourself calm and composite while communicating with your child.

You should know when to accept help

All parents are overwhelmed to manage their child’s needs on their own as their parental instinct urges them to do it. However, when you are upbringing a child with special needs, you should know when to seek help.

When it comes to diagnosis and behavioral corrections, it would be best to bestow your trust on the professionals and other parents who have some experiences with their special child. You should be able to recognize the need for help and accept the advice given by some peers. It will be beneficial for your child.

Cultivate independence in your Special Child

A parent of a child with special needs might wonder if their child could survive a day without them. As per the experts, you need to inculcate the thought of independence within your child and the first steps towards independence are started at home when the children are young. Slowing and gradually, you should start teaching your child to be responsible for their own works like laundry.

This will help to build the self-confidence within them and they would start making their own decisions. It will even persuade them to seek their own success ideas.


Seek help from any of the best therapists in town. They find various ways to engage your children in some challenging activities. When they are able to perform them, their self-confidence would automatically increase.

Therapy can act for Special Childs parents

The therapists make extra effort to make the therapy a game so that your children can enjoy and play. If possible, even after the therapeutic, involve your child in extracurricular activities so that they don’t stop learning.

Final Things To Keep In Mind

Make sure that you do not become overwhelmed in the process of upbringing your child with special needs. If you do so, they would easily catch up on the uncertainty and negativity from you. This can enhance their stress level and create confusion in their life.

Always try to stay calm and reach out for support without any hesitation in mind. When you can relieve your worried mind, you will be able to offer a stable environment to your child. Being a parent of a child with special needs should not reshape your identity. You should take care of yourself and do things that you enjoy the most.

Most importantly, do celebrate the little things of life with your child to practice positivity.

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