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Parent-Child Relationship : How To Build It

by Bharti
how to build a parent child relationship

The bonding between parents at children at an early age is extremely important. Unfortunately, not everyone understands its importance which is why often at the teenage there are a lot of differences taking place. It is not about not listening to kids rather, it is about listening to them especially when they do something wrong. We all admit that at a certain point in time, in a desire to earn money irrespective of the fact that it is meant for the betterment of the kids, we often ignore the most crucial part and that is taking care of the child. With so many options like activity and daycare initiate, surely we have helping hand but there is also no denial to the fact that it is the parent’s child relationship that needs more time than anything else.

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Things That Play An Important Role:

As a parent, we get so many new tips and tricks from other parents that states what certain aspect of things should be taken care especially when it is related to the kids. There is no doubt that you need to pay extra attention to your kids at the growing age and if you still think that there are some things that are missing then probably, you are not paying the right attention that you need to do so. To mature your kid you must give time to your child. Fr creating a parents child relation over the time will happen but it is influenced by many factors such as:

  • Parent characteristics
  • Child characteristics
  • How the entire family operates

These factors blend in some unique ways which eventually result in the diversity of the quality of relationship which is quite incredible itself.

Being In The Moment Does Help:

You may wonder how being in the moment can make the bond stronger between parents and kids. Well, you cannot ignore the fact that kid admires their parents the most. It is the best time for the parents to teach their kids the right way. To be in the moment is the best times for your kid to understand things that are going on in the surrounding. It lets your kid understand that you care about things that play an important role in his or her life. This way a strong relationship is created. If you want to try this option then here are some of the ideas that would give you a chance to be in the moment with your little one:

1. Acceptance is important. Yes, you need to show your kid that you are accepting a few of the things that even he likes. Supposedly, if your kid wants to have a building in the imagination with the bunch of people that are blocked in it, then that is okay. You don’t have to correct them then right away. You need to understand the level of imagination that your kid has got.

parent child relationship

2. It is always important to note all those things which your kid is doing. This is important not just to understand but you need to also comment and encourage the kid on why you like these things.

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3. You might want to listen to the stories that your kid has created on its own. You can also be a part of their story or add some interesting characters in that story so that your kid will think that he or she is being heard. Suppose, if your child is telling you a long story on different things that are happening around the day then he may be saying that he like the new teacher or he is in a good mood.

4. It is always important to think about the behavior of your kid. This will give you better ideas on what he or she is expecting from you. If you have a teenage kid who is roaming around in the kitchen most of the time but is not talking to you then probably, the kid just wants to be close to you or want to stay connected with you. It is okay to lend her hug you or help you in the cooking without even you want to talk.

role of parents

5. The relationship of the parents with kids will nurture eventually. It is not a day job rather it takes years to get the bond stronger each time. This way the nourishment of social, physical and emotional development is noticed in the kid automatically. It is also important to understand that the relationship lays the basic foundation of the personality of the kid, the choices of the life that he or she will be taking in the future and the overall behavioral pattern that the kid has got. It would also give better strength to the kid to deal with the world at the emotional, mental and physical levels in all possible ways.

Advantages That You Must Know:

The growing age of the children is as fragile as the glass that you hold for drinking the water. The moment you become harsh on the kids, they will break. You are responsible for creating a strong personality of your kid and that is why your kid needs to have the safest environment surrounded. With strong parents and child relationship, there are some of the best advantages that you can notice such as:

  •  Young kids who grow with their parents in a healthy and secure environment are more likely to have a happy relationship with the other people in the future.
  • It is a child who has secured relationships with parents will learn on regulating the emotions which are most likely to come under stress or in any kind of difficult situation.
  • The strong bonding between parents and the kids eventually results in the mental, linguistic and emotional development.
  • It allows the child to exhibit confidence in the social behavioral pattern.

parentchild bonding

In the end, when there are healthy parent involvement and the intervention is the routine life of the kids take place; there is a strong foundation for better academic and social skills.

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There is no denial of the fact that the role of parents is not an easy one especially when it comes to the development of the kids. But you need to be clear about what exactly you need to be doing to raise your kids in such a way that emotionally and psychically they stay healthy and fit in the long run without being dependent on us. For effective parents to kid’s development under the routine circumstances, there are also some risk factors involved. It could be the prematurity, disability or behavioral problems. This may result in the development of the kid’s delay. So give your best as a parent because this growing age for the kids is extremely delicate. For all good and bad things, it will be only your kids who would be looking forward to you. For any kind of activity which you may think is not being noticed you are highly mistaken. Look out for every action that you do because your kid will be following you.

strong bonding between parent and child

For a strong parent’s kid relation you need to sit and listen to what your kid is trying to say. Because at times, your kid may not have words to express but his emotions should be enough for you to understand.

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