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Online Nutrition Courses In India – Which Are Pocket Friendly

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Online Nutrition Courses

Nutrition courses are trending in present time. Even in a country like India, there are only a handful of reputable universities that offer these courses. These courses are also somewhat important for today’s lifestyle.

When searching, you may come across different types of nutritional courses. Most of these courses are available both online and offline. Additionally, you can start out at the basic level (as undergraduate program) and advanced level (as postgraduate programs).

Candidates who want to select their career as Nutritionist or as a Dietitian can select to complete the courses on part-time or full-time basis. Due to many factors, online versions of the courses are getting more popular.

  • Candidates have the benefit to complete the entire nutritional course from their home online.
  • They get to save money on accommodation and travel.
  • The duration and accreditation of the online course are equivalent to regular university programs.
DieticianNutritionist = A good Career Option in Nutrition

For students who are unable to procure a seat in a regular college or university, online courses end up being more helpful. Additionally, if you face travelling or are facing health-related issues, then you can opt for these courses online.

When searching for these courses, you may come across many options. These courses come at the academic levels, degree program, certificate course or diploma course. Additionally, they are available at three graduate, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

B.Sc. (Dietetics and Nutrition)

This is commonly referred to as B.Sc. nutrition. It is mainly available for students who have completed 12th grade as per Indian standards. The entire course is completed in three-year time. You can complete the course online.

If you are unable to get into the MBBS program, then this is the best Degree course for you. Once you complete the course you can expect a pay scale of around 200 to 300 K. the course is offered by leading universities in the country

Diploma course (Diet Assistant)

This is a diploma course. It holds its value equivalent to a degree program. It is a professional nutritional course. The benefit here is that you may only have to spend around one year to complete the Diploma program.

The course is related to diet charts and the nutritional impact on our body. After completing the course, you can apply for the job of dietitian in any nutritional company. The diploma is open for students who have completed 12th grade in India or abroad.

M.Sc. (Dietetics and Nutrition)

This course is only open for students who are already B.Sc. in the same field because it’s an advance level course. Once you complete the course, you will be eligible to apply for any future nutrition research program.

The entire course duration is around two years. Students can apply for an online course program from leading universities in the country. You will be eligible to apply for job positions in and food industry lab, testing labs or nutritional lab.

Post Graduate in Public health and Dietetics

This is an extended diploma program and an advance level diploma course. It is available for students online. It is also a cost-effective program as compared to M.Sc. programs. Consequently, the course will offer students with benefits to work in the health care industry, hospitals, fitness centers, gyms and sports reclamation centers.

If you aim to work with the Indian national team, then you can easily apply for this course. It is linked with data interpretation and offering solutions to sports persons. The course is still considered to be best for undergraduate India students.

You can complete this course in two years-time period online or offline.

PGDM (Applied Nutrition and Dietetics)

This is a part of the post-graduate program. It is a type of management course. The students undergoing this program will learn the basics of curing many disease and conditions including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and much more.

The course is available for one and two-year duration. It varies depending on the university and its program. It is also the right course if you are interested in epidemic research programs. Once you complete the course, you are eligible to apply for a job position within the research departments and labelling specialists

Diploma course in Dietetics and Nutrition

This is a special course that is offered to the students who have completed the Bio-Chemistry B.Sc. level from a reputable institute in the country. It is a part-time or full-time three-year Diploma program. Once you complete the course you will be eligible to apply for a job position as an expert trainer and in private clinics.

To apply for this course the student must have at least completed 12th grade from a reputable school with aggregate marks.

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