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Nose Blocked Due To Cold Weather? Try These Tips To Treat Nose Blockage At Home

by Shatakshi Gupta

The human body is vulnerable to many kinds of health complications, but there are certain conditions that reoccur frequently with changes in the weather. The risk of falling ill increases manifold during seasons transition. When the weather changes from the summer to winter season and winter to summer season, it is seen that people fall very ill.

Among many health problems, the problem of nasal congestion is seen the most during the winter season. In such a situation, people suffer a lot due to the blockage of their nose. Many types of medicines are available in the market to open the blocked nose. But, why to take these medicines, when you can cure this condition with some home remedies. In this article, we are going to tell you about such simple solutions that you can follow to open the blockage of the nose due to cold.

  • Garlic water steam

All you have to do is boil garlic in water, and take steam of this water. Make sure to cover your head with the help of a towel and then inhale maximum steam. Although this smells pretty bad it is very effective.

  • Turmeric decoction

This decoction is a blend of carom seed, Clove, Black Pepper, Pure Organic Turmeric, Ginger. To make this, boil all these ingredients together in the water. Boil until the water is reduced to half.  After boiling, add a pinch of Clarified butter into it and drink it hot. This helps in strengthening your immunity besides opening the blockage.

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  • Pour lukewarm water into nostrils

 You can put a few drops of lukewarm water in your nose to get quick relief from a choked nose. After this, you have to bow your head down to release the water drops. Doing this also helps a lot in opening the blocked nose.

  • Take hot soup

 You can consume hot soup to get relief from a blocked nose.  If you want to get rid of the blockage, then you can consume the soup hot. You can consume vegetable soup, tomato and chicken soup with lemon and honey. This helps in opening your blocked nose quickly.

  • Use coconut oil

Apply coconut oil on the finger and apply it till inside the nostrils, and after that take a deep breath. Or, you can simply put a few drops of coconut oil in your nose.  Doing this can also help to open your blocked nose quickly.

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