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Normal blood pressure: functions, measurements and readings

by Bharti
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To have a normal blood pressure these days is next to impossible. It is quite understandable because of the sedentary lifestyle that we are living in. But as the reports of the death rate show, most of the death is simply because of consistently high blood pressure. There can be so many reasons for it. You might, of course, would want to take very good care of yourself and that is why this article can be of great help to you. Talking about the normal blood pressure, of all other things it is a healthy life cycle which is extremely important for you. You need to make sure right from the diet plan till the workout everything is done in the demonstrate limit so that you don’t have to face issues in the future.

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Everything You Need To Know About Normal Blood Pressure:

For a healthy life, it is vital to have normal blood pressure. If the pressure is not right then blood will not flow in the right manner to the circulatory system. This eventually would result in loss of oxygen and nutrients which our arteries deserve to get so that our tissues stay healthy and fine. Beside, sit is important for our organs too. Is it stress, work pressure or any other reason, if blood pressure goes high dangerously then it can also get extremely low. You, of course, don’t want this to happen. Here we shall be discussing more what the blood pressure is and how it needs to be measured and what basically do the readings mean for your health.

What Is Blood Pressure:

Blood pressure is something that lets the nutrients and oxygen flow and moves through the circulations system. It forces the blood to move in such a way that all organs and tissues get the right nourishment. It also helps in providing the antibodies that keep the immunity intact and white blood cells which is another immunity booster. It also helps in creating the right insulin which is a hormone that maintains the blood sugar level

Just the way how important is nutrient and oxygen to our body, we also need fresh blood every day which needs to ensure al the toxins from the body get eradicated rightly. This way paces up the rate of metabolism and issues of carbon dioxide accumulate are dealt right. It eradicates harmful gases and toxins from the body and thus maintains the kidney and liver rightly. There are so many other properties as well which our blood carries. Temperature is one of them. It also carried the tissue damage defensives, platelets clotting which make sure there is no blood loss during the event of any injury

When the heart makes the blood pressure, it forces the blood to contract with every beating of the heart. The blood pressure thus is not created only by the heart pumping but also because of other reasons too

Understanding the Functions Of Blood Pressure:

The way the human body worst is similar to the plumbing. Blow has a typical flow that uses arteries in the form of a pipe. With the basic physics law that you must have heard, it increases the rise of the blood flow which then reaches to other body parts.

When our blood pressures are at the high point of the journey from the heart, it becomes low the moment it enters the aorta and then at the end of the journey which is smaller arteries branches, the progressively lower down. This pressure difference is the main reason why the blood starts flowing all inside the body. The main reason that hampers the blood pressure is arteries. It is similar to the garden hose piping work which hampers the pressure of the water. If the pipe is constricted, it then increases the contraction point pressure too

If there is no elastic nature of the artery wall, the blood pressure will fall more quickly which is why the heart pumping paces up too. When the heart starts creating the pressure at the maximum level, the arteries elements becomes vital to maintain the same. That is why the blood starts flowing throughout the body. This situation of the arteries may hamper the blood pressure which is why the flow remains right or increases and the arteries start narrowing. This eventually results in the supply blockages. This can be a chronic condition that may often result in heart attack and sometimes stroke too.

Measurements And Readings:

The heart supplies the required blood to the organs and tissues of the body. At every beating of the heart when it starts pumping in the blood to the large blood vessels of the circulatory system, the working becomes smoother. The blood pressure reading is made of two values that include:

  • Systolic Blood Pressure: This type of pressure is read when the heart beats start creating the pressure. The heart of the muscle start as contracting which is why the oxygen-based blood starts reaching the blood vessels and the pressure is maintained.
  • Diastolic Blood Pressure: This type of pressure is on the blood vessels. It happens when the muscles of the heart start relaxing. This type of pressure is expected to be less than the systolic pressure. The reading of the same is done in the millimeters of mercury (mmHg) units. The reading always is visible in pairs in which the value of systolic is first and then comes the diastolic which is at the lower one.

Suppose if someone has a reading of 140/72 mmHg. It is said as 140 over 72 which means the diastolic blood pressure of 72 mmHg and systolic blood pressure of 140 mmHg

Blood pressure can be measured ample of times in a day. But it is basically done every day to have a regular record of how it has been working especially if the patient has got some serious illness to deal with. If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure then either of the two readings will be high. In the medical term, this type of problem is called as hypertension. Mostly in adults this type of problem is said to be normal in most of the conditions which can be normal under the value of 130mmHG and below the diastolic value of 90 mmHg.

When the blood pressure is done for the first time, it is quite obvious to have high reading seen. The values are not to be considered as part of assessment but just as part of the practice. A person with high blood pressure can be diagnosed with hypertension issue if he has got more than 140 mmHg systolic or 90 mmHg as the diastolic value

blood pressure

Many of us don’t really notice the problem of high blood pressure. It doesn’t really go noticed. It is quite high and the signs associated with it can be noticed easily which could be vision issues or dizziness. As time passes the risk of high blood pressure also increases the problem of cardio issues like strokes, heart attacks, and kidney failure problems too. Just in case the doctor thinks you have been having high blood pressure, it is important to have a regular check of your blood pressure to avoid any serious issues happening to you. There are many ways to keep the blood pressure under control and thus bring down the health consequences too

For the people to monitor blood pressure at home is not difficult as there are now devices with advanced technology that are portable and offer an easy and quick yet accurate reading. Patients with hypertension need to do the reading every day and keep a log of it so that the doctor can have a look when need and accordingly prescribe the next treatment that needs to be done. To measure blood pressure at home is always a good thing for health management.

Buying The Right Equipment To Measure Blood

When you make up your mind to buy the right blood pressure equipment, here are a few things to consider:

  • Size: The device must have a good cuff size as it is extremely crucial. Look for the cuff size as per the size of your arm. You must speak to the doctor for help. The readings my go wrong is the cuff size is not right.
  • Value: The price is an important factor. High blood pressure prices can vary as per the value of the quality device that you buy.
  • Sound And Display: You must be able to hear the heartbeats for which of course stethoscope is the right option. The reading must be easy to read and with clear visibility
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Type Of Devices Used For Measuring Blood Pressure

  • Aneroid Monitor: This device manually checks the blood pressure and offers digital monitors it is cheap too. But being a complex device, it becomes not that accurate
  • Digital Monitor: They are popular ones and easy to use and read too. It comes with an error indicator that is not put right and you can get the paper printout of the same.

Now that you are having normal blood pressure, time to take requires precautions.