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Milestone Chart 13 To 18 Months!

by Bharti
milestone chart 13 to 18 months

This is the milestone chart that will give you a clear idea of how your baby will be growing and responding to different things in the second year of life. This is the time when your toddler will have more of his developed skills brushed up in a much better way. This is the phase when instead of babbling he will start practicing on responding in a similar language. The baby will be able to run and walk in a much better way and that too without anyone’s support. The memory starts developing and your baby will be able to get some of its own favorite toys and moves that you need to surely get recorded in the camera.

Remember, this milestone guideline is just for the reference. You can expect the changes more or less happening in the same month. And if it doesn’t then it does not give you any kind of right to get panicked about. Rather, speak with your pediatrician on the same and then you shall have a better idea of why such things are basically happening.

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This article is going to cover following objects:

·         13 months Toddler milestones

·         14 months Toddler milestones

·         15 months Toddler milestones

·         16 months Toddler milestones

·         17 months Toddler milestones

·         18 months Toddler milestones

13 Months Toddler Milestones

This is the time when your baby will have some mastered skills which mean; most of the kids at this time are able to do quite easily. Talking of which saying bye, hello and even being and picking up the objects on your own are few things that you may notice your baby doing on your own. The baby shall also learn the emerging skills like having a gazing at the reflecting, drinking from the cup on its own and enjoying the game of peekaboo. Moving further, the baby shall also have the advanced skills quite finely brushed up which shall include lifting heavy things for his age, rolling back and forth and even using the gestures and word combinations.

14 Months Toddler Milestones

This is the milestone when your baby must have mastered some of the other better skills that will give you a vibe that your baby has grown already. Well, at this time, your baby will start having a finger feeding already set. There will be the content of the container which for your surprise will get empty on its own. Your baby will be intimidating others. So it is time for you to understand that they will be able to grasp up every action very well. There will also be emerging skills of the baby that you may notice. Talking of which playing the games, looking to one part of the body which is asked and even toddling well are some quite evident to you. Your baby if has quick learning capacity shall also learn how to make the right use of a fork or spoon and even push and pull the toys when walking.

15 Months Toddler Milestones

This is the time when your baby must have mastered a lot of things quite expectedly and easily. Talking of which, your baby will be able to play with the balls. There will be a lot more improvement in the vocabulary which would let your baby learn a few of the words. Your baby will be not just able to walk forward but also understand the direction and start walking backward too without any problem. You may notice your baby has the emerging skills such as too unwell, to create a line and even adopt saying no as the favorite word especially for the food he doesn’t like.

16 Months Toddler Milestones

This is the time when your baby will be able to turn the pages of the book. You on your side will be able to even teach the baby a lot of things in different aspects. Be it the words, numbers and even alphabets which for your surprise you may think your baby shall grasp up. Other than this, be ready to have your kid’s own tantrums and temper. There will be an attachment to the soft toy that your baby will have. Moving further, your baby shall also have developed emerging skills like to discover the climbing technique. This little hiker would want to climb every corner of the home and that is why you have to pay extra attention. He would be able to stack up to three bricks as well. It is always important for your baby to get one piece of the clothing removed on his own as a part of learning.

17 Months Toddler Milestones

This is the time when your baby is expected to have mastered most of the skills on a great scale. Your baby shall be able to express himself through words be it angry, sad or happy. The handful use of words on a regular basis becomes quite obvious for you. You will be able to enjoy the pretend games with the baby. The riding toys will be your kid’s favorite. Moving further on the emerging skills, your baby will be able to respond to the direction in many ways. The doll feeding game, playing with cars are some of the best things your baby will enjoy. Plus the bonus will be your kid shall be able to express out the feelings on its own in a much better way.

18 Months Toddler Milestones

 18th month is a milestone that your baby must have reached to a new platform of growth. Your baby will be able to read some board books without taking anyone’s help. It is possible for your kid to pedal when putting on the bike. The scribbling becomes quite easy. There will also be emerging skills noticeable in the baby. Talking of which to brush up the teeth well building the tower to cubes and even stringing the words rightly in the phrases are some of the things that you may learn that your baby is already good at. It is also possible for your baby to express the sign of going to the toilet and even throwing the ball overhand and so on.

Now that you have got a pretty much clear idea on the milestone goals that your kid shall have set for the coming months, it is time to brace yourself up and see how these things will be taking place.

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