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Meditation : Best Practices To Understand Your Mind

by Sakshi Patkar
meditation and its best pratices

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is about shutting down your mind this is perspective of majority of people about meditation. In simple terms, meditation is about directing your thoughts and emotions in the best possible directions.

Lot of people in today’s world are confused between two words (yoga and meditation) yoga is something which has many different practiced asana derived from indian vedic culture. while meditation is a word that originated in modern world meaning mainly focus ( dhyana). 


Meditation is something people get bored or loses interest in early stages as they cannot see quick results and it is true that meditation will never give u immediate results it takes time even years and  years of continuous practice.

But what meditation teaches to a person who has practiced it for years is priceless for him as it becomes part of his life and the outcome that he gets is unbelievable as  belief ,confidence, gratitude starts building up.

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Origin Of Meditation:-

Meditation has the deepest Root’s of its origin in india as their are many veda’s where meditation and other asana has been mentioned clearly. Meditation is also defined as a person start focusing on mind on a particular object ( commonly on point of light) for mindfulness. Also lot of people connect meditation to religion point of view but regardless of any judgment meditation is all about spirituality. People start seeing meditation from spiritual dimension they will be more aware of the benefits of meditation. What meditation has done to some of the greatest persons born in this century is quite unbelievable let’s look at some of the examples

What Steve Jobs Did When He Lost His Way In His Life? 

Who does not know about steve jobs. The one of the finest entrepreneurs ever born, classic in his style founder of apple when was going well but was fighting for inner peace and purpose of life took suggestions from one of his closest friends to fly to india to neem karoli baba temple. Jobs did exactly came down to india took his time lived in the temples for almost 3 months and learned the art of meditation and finding inner peace and purpose of life. Jobs in one of his interview said the india tour to karoli baba temple was one of life changing decisions and he would like to travel again and again to india if got chance. So if jobs can fly down to india to find mindfulness what you are waiting for.

steve jobs

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Practicle Tips To Understand The Mind:

  • Dhyana

The indian history classic way of meditation is considered the best way to meditate and for Mindfulness and to understand your mind.

How To Practice Dhyana?

 1- All you need to do is sit in a comfortable position and put all you focus on single point of light on your forehead. While The best way to practice this dhyana is sitting on floor over mat or any cloth so the energy remains in your body and does not pass into the earth and then while cross folding your legs keep you both hands on your knees with thumb and 1 finger of your hand making circle touching with each other while the other three fingers opened.

dhyana meditation

 2-Make sure your hands are straight and palm facing upwards. Also keep your back bone straight so the energy in your body flow easily.

3- It is best to practice dhyana  early morning when the quality of air is much pure compared to any time of day and also sound of outer world are much less so it is quite easy for you to focus it it also said in vedas of indian culture that practicing dhyana at 4 am is very different and will take your focus to the next level and will be very helpful It is said this because most of the vibration and negative energy at 4 am sleeping so it is the best time to develop positive one.


    4-   Lot of people keeps complaining that they did not get the time to meditate it is because they are either not interested or they have never tasted the fruits of meditation for longer periods. With my own person experience the meditation does not take a long time with just giving 20 minutes in the morning you can develop the higher level of focus, peace, and a positive aura that is unbreakable. Even if u do not get any time in the morning do try it any time of day but make sure the place is quiet and the air is fresh.

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  • Affirmative Form Of Meditation

Well there are no particular names of meditation it is upto you how u find the best meditation which works for you. In directing meditation is affirmative meditation the person sits in the same way he did it in dhyana but this time while focusing on forehead he continuously gives the message to his subconscious mind to the area he wants to improve or develop for example the person want to send love and kindness to everyone he will continually give affirmation “I love each and every one around me” With this person is trying to engage his subconscious mind and change the old pattern so he can develop a feeling of gratitude.  Just like when we were told to do prayers to thank god and develop the feeling of gratitude.

affirmative form of meditation

  • Breathing Meditation 

Just like when you sit in dhyana in this the person focus on his breath. Breathing deeply and slowly for continuously helps the person to develop the  breathing pattern, unbreakable focus, and the peace in his aura. 

breathing meditation

This type of meditation not only helps the person mentally but also in physical health like breathing deeply the fresh air for longer periods increases the amount of oxygen in the blood and help the body to recover with problems like blood pressure, diabetes,cholesterol and other heart and lung problems.

Point to remember :

With my experience with meditation for the last 5 years i have found one spiritual non profit organisation some of you might have heard in india. The organization’s name is “brahmakumari rajyog meditation” Which teaches the spiritual dimension of life to lakhs of people who are mentally, emotionality disturbed not only in india but over 100 countries in the entire world.

 Whole lot of people in india connect this to religious point of view but regardless of any criticism and judgment this organization has been working for more than 50 years and have connected and transformed life of lakhs of people. Every religious person is welcomed in this organization to learn meditation and develop the higher level of gratitude to remove poison like hate, jealousy, anger from the person’s mind.this organization has sub centre to almost every city of india where people are welcomed for free to learn the art of meditating and developing a positive aura which is unbreakable.

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