Meditation For Beginners

by Madhushree Ghosh

Meditation practice on a regular basis could benefit us from various aspects. From health gains to mind calmness, and from concentration power to fight mental issues, meditation has shown its versatility in every field. It is a very easy process to attempt though, yet we need to focus a few certain things, before attempting it for the very first time.

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This ancient process of mind exercise helps you to gain a great sense of tranquility, but only if you know the procedure of practicing accurately. If, you think that mediation couldn’t benefit you as you expected, try to recheck your whole process and begin it again as a pro. Let us guide a little in this process of attempting meditation with the right aptitude through these easy tips-


Tips on Meditation for the Beginners:


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  • Pick your place of mediation very carefully in your house and make sure that it is quiet enough with the required peace of circumstance
  • Make sure your chosen place it totally distraction-free and keep any disturbance device away for this time
  • Wear relaxing comfortable cloth for your meditation session, and always practice it on a yoga mat
  • Decide the time you want to meditate and ask for your family member to stay away for that time zone
  • Do some warm-up exercises at the beginning to refresh your mind more energetically
  • Now, sit in a comfortable position and make sure you don’t need to change the position for once during your meditation session
  • Keep your spine straight during the whole meditation session and your eyes closed to stay away from any kind of diversion
  • Keep your breathing process normal during your meditation and think about one single thing or point during the whole time
  • Practice meditation with Vedic mantras or ancient chants for better spiritual growth with your session
  • Set a timer for your meditation session and always try to go out from that timeframe to be disciplined for your mind exercise session
  • Finally, try not to be hard on yourself at the beginning and get time to be an expert meditate person eventually with times


You have to understand that it takes time to meditate expertly, and you can’t be an expert in this field in one night. Be patient, and consistent with your session, things will change for better, within a short while for sure.

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