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MEDITATION : 5 Reasons Meditation Can Cure Stress And Depression

by Sakshi Patkar

Well there are million of peoples who meditate all over the world and has experienced some of the great benefits of meditation. There are many benefits of meditation but i will be presenting you some of the best one that proves that meditation can cure stress and depression. And before moving to reasons i want to clear the points of what exactly stress and depression is so that it will be easy for you to understand.

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What is the real meaning of stress ?ARE YOU REALLY STRESSED ? 

lot of people in today world are confused about word stress, yes the most of the people in the world use the affirmation ( i am stressed ) for as many times as they might not even think it off, and the reason is simple you are living in the environment where the mind is dominated by work life, showoff, jealousy, anxiety, hate these all things when comes to effect the person even suffering from normal headaches starts saying I am stressed, what we know about law of attraction and affirmation that even if you are not stressed, you will be stressed very shortly just because of continuous affirmation that you are giving to your subconscious brain.


And then comes the people who are really stressed though they affirm or not but the mental situation they might be dealing with is taking a lot out of their mind. In this case also person might be suffering temporary stress that might be due to any work or other temporary conditions. And then comes the prolonged stress that remain for A long period and starts draining person slowly and slowly inside. And the results start showing in every aspect of a persons life. He may start experiencing the more physical change like dark circles, losing and gaining of weight especially in women’s and the big change in persons mental behaviour like more aggression, frustration and the conscious deep thinking.

The same ways is what depression does to a person, there is no big difference between stress and depression and actually depression is a later stage of prolonged stress. Depression is something which will be killing more people in the future than any other disease in the world. So now it’s to look at reasons why meditation can cure you stress and depression.

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Now lot of people are not aware about this thing, that sleep is the best therapy ever. I want you to just remember your childhood days when you have no career tension, no work, no anxiety and you used to sleep more than 10 hours a day and just try to remember you r mental state at that time how peaceful you were, how your skin was glowing, how much enjoyment you had with your friends. All these factors changed when you grew up just because some unwanted stress took place in your brain and to deal with it you started to compromise your sleep and that’s the biggest mistake you made. Why ? Just because to earn more money, watching more Netflix, partying whole night has disturbed your sleep pattern and your body has stopped recovering from mental issues.

Now comes the meditation which will be the Best thing you can do. You might be experiencing some sleeping problems like not having enough or quality sleep and here meditation helps you a lot by improving your sleep quality which ultimately helps in countering the stress and depression.



Anxiety is the state of mind when we are unable to regulate our emotions. But many research has also shown that consistent meditation can help us to regulate our emotions.Anxiety can be in different forms depending on the person. Feelings can range from butterfly in stomach or racing your heart beat when you switch to a new place. It is a disconnection between body and mind.Sometimes people may experience rapid breathing and also difficulty falling asleep. All these situation can result in serious stress problem in future. Meditation is the best thing you can do to reduce anxiety and completely cure it.



When you meditate early morning something incredible happens in your body. When breath in the fresh air your body oxygen intake increases which improves the blood circulation in your brain and body. This helps brain to receive fresh oxygenated blood. This makes the brain more calm and stress free.and when you reduce stress your body also starts countering depression.



If you are a person who is  surrounded by people who radiates so much of negative energy then chances are you might also be radiating negative energy. This means if you are stressed or in depression you might be having influence of your closest associates. which is a bad sign for your future happening with you just because you are thinking negative then you will also be attracting negative things. meditation teaches you how to replace those negative energies from positive ones and negative thoughts from positive ones which results in more positivist in your mind and life and better things start happening to you.Resulting you are attracting situation when you are happy and out of depression and stress.



If you are the person who lives alone far from home or getting old and missing the company of your old loved ones. Chances are you might have different kind of stress and depression. Guided meditation is the best thing you can do for yourself. Beside some of the greatest health benefits guided meditation has also some great impact on your feelings. Your feeling of loneliness is because you do not know about yourself or you don’t like your own company.  meditation practices teaches you how to become your own best friend, enjoy your own company by fulfilling the feeling of loneliness.

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If you are someone who is looking for enough evidence to make you to start meditating then i have presented you some of the best. And now it’s time for you to apply. Meditation can be something that can change your life completely as it has already changed million of life. It is not necessary to follow any particular time or any practice for meditation all you need is burning desire to come out of the situation you are in right now and just start meditating.