Meditation In Buddhism : Buddhism Is About Philosophy Not Religion

by Sakshi Patkar
meditation in buddhism

We all have looked at least once the picture of Buddha sitting under the tree in meditation position with closed eyes, deeply relaxed and focused on a singular point. What Buddhism teaches to world is a major topic but the positive and spiritual knowledge they provide to the world is priceless.

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What Buddhism Is About:-

Buddhism is world’s 4th largest religion in terms of its followers. Buddhism consists of variety of belief and spiritual practices. Buddhism originated in India around 6 and 4 BE. Key note about Buddhism is they follow or teaches the goal of overcoming the cycle of death and rebirth, either by attainment of nirvana or with path of Buddha hood. Buddhism is generally recognized by scholars consist of  two branches Theravada and Mahayana.

gautama buddha

Who Is Gautama Buddha:-

Buddhism is an Indian religion which originated through Gautama Buddha. Early evidence stated that Gautama Buddha was born in king family and due to some reason of seeking the life of death and rebirth, he decided to find the reason behind it and the purpose of life.

What Changed The Gautama Life:-

It is said that Early in his life Gautama lived was the life that would have been dreamed by many but what Gautama lived was life of too much comfort and never looked beyond walls of fort or palace he used to live in. The little boy’s father always wanted a strong leader so they prevented him from the outer world and from seeing the unsatisfactory nature of the world. He was gifted every pleasure he wanted. 


gautama meditation

But what was missing, when this little boy turned 29 once on a rare outing from his luxury palace. He saw something he has never seen, an old man sick every one of his family around poor old man to take care of them on the very next day the Gautama come to know the old man died and he leaves his palace to see what is death. Yes death, Gautama was not aware of this situation because he never saw it. And then Gautama realized that sickness, old age and death will come to everyone. This incident changed the way for Gautama completely.

Gautama Buddha’s Enlightenment:-

Gautama decided after a major incident that he has to leave all his luxurious life and responsibilities for full enlightenment. So he left his palace and silently moved to forest, and for the next few years he met some great spiritual leaders and mediators with whom he learned a lot about spirituality.

After few years Gautama reached a place Bodhgaya to understand his true nature and full potential. He sat under a tree for complete six days and night through all obstacles till he reached complete enlightenment on the full moon morning of the sixth day.

gautam buddha's enlightenment

After his enlightenment all the mixed feelings that he was carrying for years get vanished and a brightening light from his heart came out that he could see and realize completeness and Fulfillment in his life.

After this Gautama become Gautama Buddha and then he started travelling across northern parts of India where he would teach and spread Buddhism by Enlightening the people.

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Meditation Techniques In Buddhism:-

Zen, vipassana,pure land and there are many other techniques followed all over the western world for meditation but below are some key and valuable techniques.

  • SHAMATHA  (Mindfulness)

One of the most common practice in Buddhism where it is practiced to develop focus, calmness and clarity. When followed with complete guidance these qualities can lead to unbelievable results building a deep inner peace. And when practiced with awareness that is vipassana it can lead to profound insights and spiritual awakening.


How You Can Began This Practice At Home:- 
  1. All you need to do is sit in a comfortable position and put all you focus on single point of light on your forehead. While The best way to practice this dhyana is sitting on floor over mat or any cloth so the energy remains in your body and does not pass into the earth.
  2. Then while cross folding your legs keep you both hands on your knees with thumb and and 1 finger of your hand making circle touching with each other while the other three fingers opened. Make sure your hands are straight and palm facing upwards.
  3. Keep your back bone straight so the energy in your body flow easily.
  4. It is best to practice dhyana  early morning when the quality of air is much pure compared to any time of day.
  5. It is also said in Vedas of Indian culture that practicing dhyana at 4 am is very different and will take your focus to the next level and will be very helpful. It is said this because most of the vibration and negative energy at 4 am sleeping so it is the best time to develop positive one.
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Loving Kindness Form Of Meditation:-

One of the most popular in western world this form teaches the person to develop love and kindness towards others through affirmation. Just like we were taught to pray daily to thank god so that we develop the feeling of gratitude in the same way affirmations are used to develop particular feeling and in this form of meditation the person develop the feeling loving and kindness. 

love kindness

How To Practice It:-

the person sits in the same way he did it in shamatha but this time while focusing on forehead he continuously gives the message to his subconscious mind to the area he wants to improve or develop .

For example, the person wants to send love and kindness to everyone he will continually give affirmation “I love each and every one around me” With this person is trying to engage his subconscious mind and change the old pattern so he can develop the new feeling of gratitude. 

Why Meditation Is Tough For Some People:-

Meditation becomes tough for people because they either pre judges it or they have been bored or they could no longer continue it for longer periods.

  • Some people say meditation is all about religion without realizing the full potential and spiritual power of it.
  • While some other say that they start meditation but they could not focus on and this is one of the most common reasons people stop meditating
  • Also some people say they do not get early benefits and so they stop meditating without realizing future possibilities and benefits.

why meditation is tough for some people

How To Establish Regular Meditating Habit:-

  1. It could be very common with you that if you are not able to meditate continually. All you need to do is to set a regular time of waking up and best is early morning awakening this will help you to develop a regular meditation practice at a particular time.
  2. Also in early stages try to develop habit of meditating for a bit longer periods it is okay to start with a short time and then keep building up. You can push sometime in early stages so that when it will be regular with you it will become so easy for you to focus be continue at it.
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