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MEDITATION BEFORE BED : how to do it and benefits.

by Sakshi Patkar

Meditation is one of the best thing you can add in your lifestyle but lot of people are confused at which time they should be doing it for maximum benefits. Well there is actually no particular time for meditation but when it comes to getting maximum benefit out of it then i would like to tell you that our subconscious brain is more in active mode when we wake up and when we are just going to sleep. Its just like you are feeding your brain something that will make it more powerful asset and that to at the best time.

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How to do meditation before bed ?

Meditation before bed doesn’t mean that you have to meditate on your bed. All you have to do is follow a clean and complete process so you can get the real benefit out of it. While you can do pre bed meditation in two different way and lets look at them.

1) Silent meditation (for mindfulness)

  • While doing silent meditation form of meditation all you need to do is sit in a silent place and over a mat so the energy remains in your body and does not pass in to the earth •then while cross folding your legs keep your both hands on your knee and Make sure your hands are straight and palm facing upwards.

  • keep your back straight so that the energy in your body can flow easily.

  • now try to focus on your breath, you might get divert between silent meditation but try to bring back your focus.

  • Try to practice silent meditation  just before going to sleep so when the quality of your thoughts  is much pure compared to any time of day and also sound of outer world are much less during night so it is quite easy for you to focus. 

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Guided pre bed meditation has also the similar process just like silent meditation but this time you will have to give your brain some affirmation that you want to manifest in your life.For example if you are really stressed right now so you will have to say loudly “i am a peaceful soul” and repeat this till you finish the meditation. This is the manifesting technique which make sure to change your current situation and bring in the situation that you really want in your life.Also make sure while doing this that you imagine and feel the situation that you are asking from your subconscious brain it is really important because when you can feel it you can really bring it in to your life.




Beside feeding  your aura and inner thought and energy the pre bed meditation has a great impact on a person brain. With time if it is practised regularly it has some great benefits in increasing brain performance. Once the unwanted thoughts get clear from your brain it starts thinking in the right way and in the right direction with more clarity.

2) Better sleep

One of the best benefit of Pre bed meditation  are improved sleep quality. A lot of people in today world are suffering from sleep deficiency or insomnia, which is causing some serious health problems like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and much more. 

sleep deficit disturbs the hormonal cycle of the body so it responds in various forms like  digestion problem, decreased memory power, insomnia which ultimately results in a not being in the present and can’t focus on their work.While following regular pre bed meditation techniques will help the person to reduce stress and improve sleep quality which results in overcoming different problems.

2) Boosting weight loss process 


If you are someone who is looking to cut down the weight and belly fat and following workouts and diet but still not getting the results then the problem might be in your recovery, presence of mind during exercise or poor sleep. All these factors are corelated to overthinking and stress and pressure on the mind and  at this place pre bed meditation techniques will helps a lot it improves your recovery process and presence of mind in your workouts and finally boosting the process of your weight loss.

3) Finish loneliness

If you are someone who lives alone or far from home or getting old and missing the company of your old loved ones then pre bed meditation technique like affirmative form is the best thing you can do for yourself. Beside some of greatest health benefits pre bed meditation has also some of great impact on how you feel. Your feeling of loneliness is because you do not know about yourself or you don’t like your company and mindfulness meditation teaches you how to become your own best friend and this way finishes the feeling of loneliness.

4) decreases stress 

Working day and night, coming back from office tired, and taking too much of overthinking over a prolonged period of time becomes stress and increase cortisol hormone in the body and this can lead to some of serious health problems. Don’t worry you can counter all these by following proper before bed meditation.

5)Increases your focus 

The big problem with most of the people like students or office goers is they are tend to loose focus quickly from their work which results in not getting the results from their work. meditation before bedhas proved to be very effective way of improving focus. It teaches a person to focus on breath and affirm some thoughts which results in improved focus and attention when a person do other works.

6) Fights from negative energy

If your environment includes people who radiates so much of negative energy then chances are you might also be radiating negative energy, which is a bad sign for your coming future. Everything that is happening with you just because you are thinking negative. Your future will also be negative if you keep radiating negative energy then you will also be attracting more negative things. 

Before bed  meditation teaches you how to replace those negative energies from positive ones and negative thoughts from positive ones which results in more positivity in your mind and life and better things starts coming to you.

7) Can cure depression 

Depression is nothing but a mix of prolonged stress, overthinking, anxiety and insecurities. when this become serious it is really important for a person to find a relief and before bed meditation can be a great tool for a person going through depression.  depression is a mental disease which affects both physical and mental health of the person and the best way to cure this is by proper meditation. And one of best meditation technique is affirmative pre bed meditation which will be a lifesaving option for a person going through depression.

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Pre bed Meditation is a very helpful process in any way whether you do affirmative form or silent form or you can follow both step by step.all you have to make sure is you follow it regularly and at specific time that is just before going to sleep. You might not believe or may able to see its benefits in initial days but when you will  follow it regularly you will definitely will get the results and start believing in it.