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Is Lab-Grown Meat A Good Alternative to Regular Meat?

by Bharti
Lab Grown Meat

Meat is one of the most widely consumed food product around the globe. There are different types of meats that people consume. Most of the meat products come from animal sources. But recently, meat has become a topic of deliberation and discussion. The debate is between Conventional Animal-based meats and Lab Grown meats.

There are animal activities, health experts and vegans, who are all against consuming animal meat. They are against the killing of animals for meat. This is why scientists around the world have come up with lab-grown meat products.

What is lab-grown meat?

Lab-grown meat is a type of meat that has been cultured in the lab. Many also call it the future meat. This type of meat does not force to kill animals for meat. It is also considered a more sustainable type and environmentally friendly.

The most important point to keep in mind is that lab-grown meat is safe for human consumption. Additionally, it offers the same flavor and tastes as real as animal meat.

Why is this meat lab-grown?

This type of meat is artificial or lab-grown as it eliminates the need for animal slaughter to obtain meat. Scientists around the culture this type of meat using the stem cells of the animal. The cells are efficient in growing animal meat.

As we are already aware of the benefits of stem cells – they can be cultured to grow tissue and cell parts. They are building blocks and thus, they will grow into animal meat if they are fed carbohydrates and amino acids.

The cells will start developing muscle cells and fiber. This is what helps in creating meat under artificial lab conditions. So, this type of meat is also called as cultured meat or artificial meat. It has the same texture, flavor, nutrition and looks like that of real animal meat.

Are there any known or visible differences?

Certainly, a scientist has already tested lab-grown meat for general public use. People have given their different opinions. Most people agree that it certainly is not easy to differentiate between the taste of real and lab-grown meat. They both taste the same.

Lab Grown Meat vs Conventional Meat

As far as texture and color are concerned, both lab-grown meat and real animal meat are the same. You may not be able to identify the difference based on visible facts. The only big difference is that lab-grown meat is a little drier as compared to real animal meat.

The benefit here is that lab-grown meat contains less animal fat. So, it is safer to consume. If you are having health-related issues, like heart or cholesterol, then you can still consume lab-grown meat. It contains fewer fat counts. In general, lab-grown meat is a replica of real animal fat meat.

Cost factor

Initially, the meat is cultured in limited labs around the world. But once successful, it could also be mass-produced for everyone. This means that it is potentially more cost-effective. Animal meat is only going to get more expensive with time.

The greater the number of animals we kill for meat, the more it will get expensive. So, lab-cultured meat is always the best alternative cost-wise. If available in mass quantities, the meat will be more affordable as compared to green vegetables.

It is more important to develop a technology that can culture the meat much faster in time and on a mass scale. Anything that can be manufactured on a mass scale will always be more cost-effective. Besides you have the benefit here as you do not have to raze animals for meat products any more.

Health benefits of lab-grown meat

There are many benefits of lab-grown meat. Some such benefits are included in the points listed below.

  1. The lab-grown meat is considered to be more eco-friendly. It does not damage the environment as compared to regular meat.
  2. You will not need livestock anymore and thus you do not have to set up an entire animal farm.
  3. It helps save green pasture and land use as well. Livestock animals occupy more land and need more grass to feed on.
  4. It helps in reducing the chances of greenhouse effects as meat-producing animals give out excess nitrogen that is the main cause of greenhouse gas.
  5. When producing lab-grown meat, you don’t need slaughterers and thus, we can save more number of animals
  6. To produce meat, you need less water, but raising animals for meat products in animal farms requires more water.
  7. The type of meat is low in animal fat so it is healthier. It is also more hygienic as compared to real meat.

Can it be commercially available?

Scientists are developing methods to help produce this type of meat on commercial grounds. It is just that more manufacturing units have to be set up for culturing the meat under lab conditions.

Lab-grown meat is one of the best alternatives to real animal meat except that it has been grown in lab conditions. As it has less animal fat so it takes less time to cook as well.

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