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Is The Radiation From Laptop Hurting Your Eyes?

by Bharti

We live in the digital age, where we need a laptop and a cell-phone for a bare minimum of survival. They have become more or less everyday necessities and one cannot do without them. However, along with this excessive fraternization of electronic devices, certain harmful effects come gratis. Our eyes are exposed to continuous emission of laptop and cell-phone screens and these emissions do not come without any adverse effect.

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A recent study conducted in the USA has inferred that the blue light which emanates from the laptops and cell-phones could accelerate and even trigger blindness.

What are the radiations that laptops give off?

Laptops give off a blue light from the screen, which contains radiation like X-rays and UV rays. While they are not harmful in small amounts, they can be lethal at excessive levels. The new research has found that the blue light from laptop screens damage the retina by causing macular degeneration. They are capable of killing photoreceptor cells, which may, over time, cause extreme discomfort or total inability to perform basic tasks like driving a car or reading a novel. The problem is, the cornea is not very adept at blocking the blue light radiation.

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Radiations From laptop

What are some of the other ways laptop radiation affect the eyes?

  • It causes itchiness in the eye

  • It is a leading cause of dryness in the eye, due to a reduction in the number of times we blink per minute. Normally, it is 15-20 times per minute, but while working on our laptops, the number has been found to be markedly reduced to below 10. This reduces the thin layer of liquid that eases eye tension, thereby causing dryness

  • After too much exposure to the radiation, one may take time and face difficulty to properly focus

  • Sometimes the eyes get sore, causing the eyes to throb and pain continuously

  • Elderly people who have already done cataract surgery are even more sensitive to the blue light of laptops

  • Laptop radiation also affects sleep patterns

What are some of the ways to counter the menace?

  • We need to take precautions like wearing yellow-tinted glasses while working on our laptops for extended periods of time. This can deflect and minimize the harm

  • Elderly people who already have had cataract surgery are at more risk. The screen should be moved away to at least 2 feet from the screens

  • Use a larger font for reduction of eye strain

Even Thought we cannot part out ways with using electronic devices what can be done is that we use it in a controlled way so that we can protect ourselves from the long term harmful outcomes.


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