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How to Deal with The Inner Fear with Yoga

by Madhushree Ghosh
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  • what is an inner fear
  • why it is essential to get rid of inner fear
  • best ways to deal with inner fear
  • how we can remove our inner fear with yoga

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There are plenty of good effects we can get from regular yoga practice and dealing with our fear is one of the most highlighted ones. When there is no particular medicine or treatment available to remove fear from our mind, yoga works wonderfully in dealing with fear. Here we come up with some clearance in this topic about how yoga works so brilliantly in removing inner fear from our mind. Let’s check it out in our below discussion-


What is Inner Fear?          

Inner fear is one kind of panic feeling, which lies in a deeper mind. Inner fear could be encountered in several ways from fear of death to fear of your bad life condition and from fear of any challenging situation to fear of unworthiness. According to the theory of psychiatrist inner fear includes a large meadow of fright of demise, poverty, nothingness, complication, change, starvation, being insignificant, unknown or unworthiness to the world, etc.

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This type of inner fear usually gets originated from a low level of self-esteem or self-worth. It has been observed people, who suffer from a low level of confidence usually have inner fear in their mind. This sort of deeper anxiety came from a mentality of doubting your won capability, questioning your ability, and being suspicious about your value. When we feel this type of hesitation for long, we become a sufferer of inner fear soon.


Why it is Essential to Get Rid of Inner Fear?

If you stay lazy towards your inner fear for long, it will ruin your life soon. As inner fear shakes your self-confidence, it makes you feel undeserving of any deeds of life. Some people think that if the inner fear doesn’t hamper your regular life, it shouldn’t be pricking by us anyhow.

Some kinds of fear like height phobia, insect phobia, fear from darkness, etc. are some types of fear, which usually doesn’t get instigated without entering those situations. So, if you don’t go to the fear zone, you stay safe, right? However, experts say no matter what, but you have to get rid of inner fear as soon as possible for a happy and fulfilling life.

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If we don’t let go of those phobias from our minds, it will hold us back from what we wish to achieve in life. Life is beautiful when we live it to the fullest with no fear and tension, and a mind escaped from inner fear. Sometimes, inner fear hampers our sleep and mental calmness, which ruins our entire life effectively. So, no matter what, any of us must get rid of any type of inner fear from every possible option we have in our hands.

Best Ways to Deal with Inner Fear:

The best way to deal with fear is to face it directly. As long as you keep inner fear away, you will be more capable of enjoying your life to the utmost. Mind experts demonstrate a few certified ways to get rid of inner fear permanently. Some of the most effective ways in this regard are as follows-

  • do breathing exercise regularly
  • get help from your dear persons
  • stay healthy and fit to increase your self-esteem
  • keep reminding yourself that your fear is nothing but a thought of your mind
  • use wittiness to shrink your phobia
  • make worry list and go over each point of that list to get rid of them entirely
  • stop thinking of anxious thoughts and start thinking things which make your mind calm
  • face the fear and find out the real reasons behind it
  • throw away your past baggage which initiates fear
  • find out what triggers fear in your mind and treat it we until you get rid of them permanently
  • find people with similar fear and talk about your inner fright with them openly
  • get divining help or God’s help from the speeches of saints or similar type people
  • and get help from the regular practice of yoga.

How We Can Remove Our Inner Fear with Yoga:

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Yoga is one of the most esteemed ways to deal with and get rid of our inner fear efficiently. Meditation is an inseparable part of yoga and it is proven that practicing meditation work expertly in removing inner fear from our mind entirely. You need to follow some expert tips while practicing meditation or the yoga of mind to deal with the inner fear smartly. These tips are as follows-

  1. find a thought that helps you to keep your mind centered and focused perfectly
  2. find positivity deep in your mind keep reminding yourself that everything is going to be okay soon
  3. try to start your day with meditation daily and  do it in an empty stomach for the best result
  4. try to practice your session in a calm and peaceful place or the quietest corner of your house
  5. keep practicing for 20 minutes daily at the beginning of your day for the best outcome
  6.  stay away from the presence of any person during your entire session to keep your yoga experience uninterrupted
  7. use the ‘hmmm’ process in your meditation period to provide an immediate antidote to your inner fear
  8. start your practice after consulting a meditation expert to be sure that steps are accurate
  9. practice some stretching pose along with meditation to build your courage and regain your self-esteem, which helps to reduce inner fear more attentively
  10.  Choose to stay positive and use optimal view in life to keep negative thoughts away from your mind which initiates inner fear in us.

Breathing exercise is the best category in yoga which works expertly to remove your inner fear permanently. Among the entire list, calming breathing and kapalbhati are the two most effective ways to treat our inner fear