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An Idea on Healthy Fresh Food Market

by Madhushree Ghosh
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  • Why accessing healthy foods is important
  • How healthy food  market promotes healthy foods
  • How can we recognize healthy foods
  • How to shop for healthy foods from the market
  • Some recommendations on the healthy fresh food market

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A food market is a place where we found every required thing related to our meal. But the most common problem we face in the way of purchasing goods from the food market is the right thing to buy. There are plenty of options one can detect from such markets that are different from each other from quality to price.

What more important in this endeavor is finding fresh products from the entire market. So, here we come up with some ideas on how to recognize and buy healthy fresh foods from a market like a pro along with a few significant queries related to this topic. Let’ check them out and be an expert in the marketing of fresh food items from any bazaar near you-

Why Accessing Healthy Foods is Important?

First of all, you must understand why accessing healthy food is so much important for us. If you don’t understand the needs of healthy foods in your life, you will never give the process of food-marketing its required importance. Apart from getting some unforgettable taste value fresh foods provide us some undeniable health benefits, such as-

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  • Because it fulfills our nutrient requirements adequately
  • Promotes the hormonal growth
  • Stimulates the functioning of our overall system
  • Improves our natural immune power
  • Controls our unnecessary calorie intake
  • Helps you to maintain a healthy weight with a moderate shape
  • Fights ample of diseases naturally
  • Reduces the risk of several chronic diseases
  • Promotes mental health
  • And fastens the rate of weight loss more noticeably

How Healthy Food Market Promotes Healthy Foods?


Experts always suggest finding a healthy food market to buy healthy fresh foods more effortlessly. It is claimed that finding a perfect market can solve half of the problems in the way of eating healthily than other initiatives. Now you must wonder how it works optimistically in this attempt, so, let’s find it out with our below discussion-

  • Once you find out a reliable place for fresh foods, you don’t need to check every single product individually before buying
  • Sometimes we take a step back from purchasing organic or fresh foods due to their over price, finding a good market will save us from this problem too
  • If you know the market and the prices of products earlier by finding a proper fresh food market, it will be easy for you to set a budget for your marketing more expertly
  • Setting a precise budget also helps you in deciding shopping trip budget capably
  • A reliable market will help you to find the exact source of your food apparently
  • Sometimes, finding this type of reliable market helps us in trying some new products in the market more courageously
  • And will teach you to buy foods always with proper portions, as finding a healthy food market save us from unnecessary preserving methods and we can make a meal from freshly purchased foods only.

How Can We Recognize Healthy Foods?

After finding a proper fresh market, you must know how to identify healthy foods from an entire shop expertly to give your initiative full success. To recognize healthy foods you need to follow a few smart tricks and they are as follows-

  • Finalize you want to buy what type of products first, as different products need different focusing points
  • If you are purchasing vegetables then, try to check the skin of your chosen item, fresh and organic products always come with tightening skin surface
  • This rule is applicable for fruits and herbs too, try to check their freshness with their skin and leaves
  • Sometimes, a few fake vendors prepare their products with nice colors and chemicals too. Be attentive and stay awake from such cheaters
  • If you are going to buy package products, look for the manufacturing date first
  • Don’t forget to read the ingredient list also and the calorie part indicates behind every package food product
  • Always go for organic products or items which come from farmer’s market directly
  • Avoid instant foods as much as you can and never believe their nutrient-promises over the pack
  • One buyer should not forget that healthy food couldn’t be made in three or four minutes, and you must give some effort to prepare healthy foods from healthy items
  • It will be better for any buyer if they can focus on their nutrient requirements while buying products from the market
  • This will help you to avoid unhealthy food sections and set their focus on required nutrients only
  • Usually setting your focus on fiber-rich, calcium-rich, mineral-rich and lean-protein rich products in a grocery store will make your initiative healthier.

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How to Shop for Healthy Foods from Market?

To buy like an expert purchaser from a food market, follow these simple rules attentively-

  • Set a proper and affordable budget at home
  • Make a proper list of your required things
  • Make sure the list meets your meal plan properly
  • Decide you want to buy products from where, like grocery stores, farmer’s market, online, retail seller, etc.
  • Now gather your supplies like a carrier bag, money, etc. and go for the market
  • If possible then take two separate bags for separate sections, one for fruits and vegetables, another for grocery items
  • Buy the package foods first and the fresh items like veggies, fruits later to keep them on the top surface of your bag
  • Try to buy things after exploring the entire market properly without purchasing one single shop
  • Look products with pesticides and try to avoid them from purchasing
  • Trust brand but  sometimes try to focus on generic also
  • If you live near to the market, try to avoid buying products in bunches,
  • This will force you to eat preserve products instead of fresh items, try to go to the market after every 2 r 3 days ad buy fresh items
  • In case, you live far from a fresh food market, try to buy products in bulk and preserve them at home with the best possible way to hold their freshness as long as you can.

Some Recommendations on Healthy Fresh Food Market:

Here we suggest a few fresh food market destinations in this regard from some metro cities of India in our below segment-

In Kolkata:

  1. Rainbow, near Sarat Bose Road Lansdowne, WB
  2. The Organic Fresh Food Market, Ballygunge Circular Road, WB
  3. BG Press Fresh Food Market, Near B. G. Press Colony, Behala
  4. Earth Fresh, Near Rabindra Pally, Kestopur, WB

In Mumbai:

  1. Organic India Store, in Bandra, Maharashtra
  2. Happy and Healthy Foods, Inside Crawford Market, Maharashtra
  3. Gourmetdelight, Near Pune Maharashtra
  4. Naturally Yours, Near Chembur, Maharashtra

In Delhi:

  1. Health Basket, Near Defense Colony, Delhi
  2. Whole Foods c/o Organic Tree, Near DAV School, Delhi
  3. Delhi Organic Farmer’s Market, Near Parliament Street, Delhi
  4. Gaia Good Health Market, Near Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi

In Chennai:

  1. Organic Farmers Market, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  2. Dhanyam Organic Superstore, Near T. Nagar, Tamil Nadu
  3. Eco Nut Health Food Shop, Near Kalakhetra Colony, Tamil Nadu
  4. Organic Paradise, Near Ashok Nagar State Bank, Tamil Nadu