How to Weight Loss with Vitamin B?

by Mahushree Ghosh
Vitamin B

Nutrients or vitamins play an important role in weight fluctuation. Thus, health experts always suggest using these nutrients smartly in the process of weight loss. Vitamin B is one of the most effective ones, among the top health advantageous vitamins. This single nutrient contains eight different vitamins like vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12.

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Depending on the studies, vitamin B is comparatively more efficient than other vitamins, as it is a combination of eight complex vitamins in one receptacle. Vitamin B provides several health gains to a human body, such as-


  • Leaving a direct impact on our energy level
  • Inducing brain functioning
  • Stimulating cell metabolism
  • Enhancing cell health naturally
  • And supporting the immune system

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Hence, increasing the amount of vitamin B in your diet plan could help you immensely in a vigorous weight loss program. It will boost your entire program and at the same time, fulfill your nutrient value during the period of harsh dieting in a weight-loss plan. All you need to do is that include some veggies, fruits, and food, which are rich in these eight vitamin complexes. Taking some vitamin B supplements would be another smart choice in this attempt.


Foods which are rich in vitamin B are as follows-

  • All kinds of citrus fruits, avocado, banana, grapes, strawberry, apples, watermelon, etc. are some vitamin-B rich fruits
  • Any type of dark leafy greens like kai lan, spinach, broccoli, collard greens, turnip greens, Romaine lettuce, etc. are rich in this nutrient
  • Red meat, poultry, river fishes, salmon, etc. are some animal-based sources of this vitamin
  • In wholegrain, brown rice, barley, millet, whole grain bread, cereals, etc. are some highly recommendable items here
  • Nuts, edible seeds, like sunflower, chia seeds, almonds, lentils, legumes, etc. are some other high sources of vitamin B
  • Apart from these particular categories, there are some random foods you can find in the market, which come with a high amount of vitamin B complex. Yogurt, animal liver, chickpea, potatoes, yeast, beans, and seafood are some preferable items here
  • Finally, add egg, and some low-fat dairy products like milk, low-fat cheese, to your diet to make your plan rich in vitamin B complex naturally.

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