How To Meditate Perfectly

by Madhushree Ghosh

Meditation is a pre-historic process to calm our mind and increase our brain capacity naturally. It belongs to the Vedic exercise process yoga and leads us to live a healthy life with a sharp mind skill. It has been observed that consistency in meditation could help us immensely in several health issues. You can increase your focusing ability, fight off your stress signs, increase inner peace, and strengthen your memory capability with regular meditation.

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You should remember here that holding consistency is important, but capturing the right aptitude for meditation is also essential here. So, you must know the right process to meditate getting the best outcome of your attempt. Here we come up with some tips in this regard about how to do the mediation process perfectly at home-


1.The very first thing you need to do for practicing meditation is finding a quiet place to meditate uninterruptedly


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2. Wear some lose and proper outfit for this mind yoga to keep your session as much relaxed as you can

3. Arrange the yoga equipment like a yoga mat, cushions, candles, joss-stick, etc. for a successful meditation session

4. Now sit on your hips by folding the legs comfortably and set both of your palms on your folded knees holding a special figure posture

5. During this meditation time, try to keep your thumb and index finger touched with each other, and keep your feet relaxed with lose toes

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6. Keep your spinal cord straight during the whole process and follow a bit extended breathing order than normal time only with your nostrils


7. Now, close your eyes and center your thoughts towards a particular direction

8. This time, the most important stage is to make your mind clear from any kind of distraction to be focused

9. If you are not comfortable with this mentioned posture, try another one, which is a noted pose for meditation

10. In this pose, keep your leg crossed and knees bent, then, place one hand on your laps facing the palm upward and put the other palm on it accordingly

11. To control our mind, and put it in a central thought from several busy thoughts, concentrate on your breathing order. Once you are settled, immediately return to the mind focusing point from the breathing spot, and try this trick every time you find yourself distracted from focusing.


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