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How to Lose Weight During Pregnancy?

by Madhushree Ghosh

A healthy weight is essential in pregnancy, thus most of the medical professional advice pregnant women to gain some weight during pregnancy. However, excessive weight is definitely unhealthy for the fetus. Thus, attempting a few tricks to prevent unnecessary weight gain could be a great idea during pregnancy.

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Reducing weight during pregnancy becomes more, more difficult for a woman. You can’t apply the normal weight loss methods during this delicate time, right? Any kind of unhealthy dieting could initiate nutrient deficiency to your unborn. Similarly, any type of harsh exercise could hamper the health of your baby destructively. Hence, you must make a weight loss plan carefully, while carrying a fetus in your womb. Here we come up with a few useful ideas in this regards, let’s take a quick look below-


Talk to Your Doctor First:

First of all, tell your doctor about your planning for applying weight loss methods. Make sure your chart is safe for both you and your little one entirely.

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Know about Your Calorie Needs:

In normal time, a woman body needs approximately 1500 calories to live vigorously, while the requirement increases to 1900-2500 calories during pregnancy. So, make sure you are not cutting out on your essential calories in the sake of weight-loss.

Eliminate Empty Calories and Fatty Foods:

Although healthy calories are needed this time, empty calories are highly avoidable for unnecessary weight gain. So, avoid any kind of unhealthy fats, added-sugar products, fried foods, red meat, flavored drinks, etc. during this period.


Eat more Frequently:

This time, our digestive organ need to keep occupied for the utmost times. In addition, pregnancy health consequences should not hamper our nutrient requirements at any cost. So, eating small and frequent meals could immensely help for both attempts.

Practice Mild Exercises:

And practice some light exercises daily to keep your weight in check during the delicate period of pregnancy. Aerobics is one great choice to apply in pregnancy, and you can even try some light-cardio workouts as well during this fragile physical condition.

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