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How to lose weight after abortion

by Mahima
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Your body experiences changes as you grow. As you conceive the body undergoes many hormonal changes. The body prepares for the fetus to grow and develop into a healthy baby. However, many conditions can lead to an abortion or miscarriage. Abortion is the process of stopping the pregnancy by removing the fetus or the embryo before it can survive properly. It is done during the initial stage of pregnancy. As the body prepares for the development of the fetus, it stores foods and fats making you grow plump and rotund. There is a high probability to gain weight after an abortion. Weight loss becomes an important factor to get back in shape.

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Tips for weight loss after abortion:


  • Ensure proper nutrition – Adopt a balanced diet that offers all round health. Eat a diet rich in proteins, vitamins, iron and healthy carbohydrates. Women tend to gain weight after abortion, to tackle this women take to crash dieting which is a big no no as malnutrition hampers the usual functions of the digestive and metabolic systems that will pave the way for the accumulation of stubborn fats that becomes impossible to eliminate at a later stage.

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  • Adequate amounts of water – Dehydration hampers the functioning of the stomach, liver and other body parts and also enhances the toxins in the body speeding up fat accumulation. Drinking water helps to hydrate the body and supply necessary nutrients to the body.
  • Avoid stress, strain and depression – These hamper the normal body functions leading to mood swings and mental stress. These lead to accumulated fat deposition that is difficult to get rid of.
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle and eating habits – Avoid eating junk food that are rich in unhealthy fats and carbohydrates. Avoid binge eating and emotional eating as it leads to weight gain. Instead eat healthy, add lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet. Also add some form of physical exercise to help you lose weight after abortion.
  • Add physical exercise – Lead an active lifestyle, go out for a run, jog or walk, join a health club and burn excess calories the healthy way.
  • Eat a low carb diet – Carbohydrates are body building foods and if you consume high carbohydrate diet then, it will only increase the fats. Add lot of fibrous food like fruits, whole grains, vegetables, lean meats etc to your diet.

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These tips will get you back on track and will also help in weight loss after abortion the healthy way.


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