How Rum Helps To Give You A Longer Life

by Dr. Himani Singh

Every alcohol is bad if you consume more regularly. Consuming too much alcohol can be damaging to health. Moderate conception of very drink always good for health. Rum is one of the oldest spirits  from many years ago. Rum is the oldest branded spirits ever made. Smooth flavor of the rum makes it a timeless beverage. In fact, Rum is the first branded spirit ever made. Rum is a fermented drink produced from sugarcane juice or by-product of molasses. The best thing that makes it more worthy is that it does not contain any fat or carbohydrates. That is the main reason why Rum is said to have many medicinal properties. Due to its medicinal properties it was used during the World War I, for stay healthy of the soldiers. Before hitting the Front Line, soldiers were given about a tablespoon, or a tot, of rum. When you will know the medicinal value of this drink you will defiantly fall in love with this drink.


Medicinal value of rum:

1.Rum is full with antimicrobial properties that can be helpful for preventing with cold infection. If you are feeling much cold in this case rum also gives a warm and soothing feeling.

2. If you have stronger muscles then defiantly you will lead stronger bones. Rum provides helps in preventing and fighting with minor muscle pain.


3. If you need a solid night of rest then rum is work like miracle. Rum has relaxing qualities, so a single serving of 1.5 ounces is enough for reducing your anxiety.

4. Drinking rum is proven able to lower the level of cholesterol inside our body. Rum work like blood thinner and which can be helpful in prevent peripheral artery diseases. Moderate drinking of this drink can increase good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol) and combat artery blockages, helping to prevent heart attacks and heart disease.

5. Many researches have been proven that taking one or two spoons of rum each day, provide help in fighting with diabetes, to slowly get over with it.

6. A hundred grams of rum gives 230 calories of energy, which we can assume almost equal with a regular pizza. It has been scientifically proven by many research that by drinking moderate amounts of rum you can live a longer life. It can increase the life span by two-five years as compared to people who do not drink liquor.


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