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How Heavy Exercise Schedule Work on Heart

by Madhushree Ghosh
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Exercises are good for our bodies and organs as we all know. However, the heart is a fragile organ to handle and we must practice some mild kinds of exercise patterns to keep our heart healthily active. According to the studies on human cardiovascular health, practicing too much exercise or heavy workouts can hamper the health of our hearts badly. Here are some clarifications in this topic on how heavy exercise schedule hurt our heart damages our cardiovascular health immensely instead of fortifying it, let’s take a look-

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Can You Hurt Your Heart If You Exercise Too Much?

According to the reviews of CT scan of people who exercise daily, expert claims that cardiovascular health can be herbed a bit with the consistency of heavy exercise. It has been observed that people, who practice workouts daily especially heavy workouts like weight-training, pull-ups, pushups, squats, etc. are found more familiar with the heart condition than the people who don’t practice them daily.

But, health experts clarify here that people, who practice simple and mild workouts daily have no risk of heart from exercise schedule at all. So, if you wonder that can you hurt your heart with too much exercise then the answer is yes. People can get heart issues like irregular heart-beat, heart muscle damage, coronary blockage, artery problems, etc. with the harsh exercise schedule.

How You Can Hurt Your Heart with Heavy Exercise Schedule?

Epidemiological studies on heart health suggest that people, who exercise daily, are less likely to have heart problems than inactive people. These dozens of studies came with proof that exercise is a good habit that keeps our hearts vigorously active. However, there are proofs too that practicing too much of heavy exercises can harm your heart health instead of enhancing its overall health.

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A few contemporary experts say that if little exercise is good for our heart health then, why more workouts shouldn’t be better while practicing continuously. Well to end up this contradictory debate, we must validate the other-side of the story too.

 To know so, you must be familiar with how practicing heavy exercise can hurt your heart. Studies show that frequent heavy exercises profound changes in our cardiovascular structure and its physiology. These sorts of changes can mimic heart problems as well as heart damages in your body. Leaky cardiac cells, protein-stuffed bloodstream, ventricles enlarge, etc. are some conditions you may have from practicing strenuous exercises for long. It is also claimed that people with bad cardiovascular history can worsen their possibility of having heart conditions with such laborious exercises.

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Most of the athletes live their life on heavy exercises, thus some people wonder how heavy exercises can be harmful to the heart of a person! Well, studies show that athletes who keep practicing these strenuous workout schedules may have plaques in their arteries and have heart issues over time if they don’t reduce their schedule attentively after retiring from their career.

So, in short, when we practice heavy workouts for a long and continuous period daily, we used to have a fast and unusual heart rate for an abnormally long period, which is not good for our heart health. During this time, the mild heart issues like block arteries, stuffed plaques, insufficient blood circulation, etc. increase themselves and hurt our heart damagingly.

What Are The Side Effects of Too Much Exercise

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Besides heart issues, some other possible side effects you may have from practicing heavy laborious exercises are as follows-

  • Increased heart rate
  • Decreased heart rate
  • Restless legs
  • Body aches
  • Dehydration
  • Sleep disturbance or insomnia
  • Bad mood
  • Increased stress level
  • Amenorrhea in women
  • Low bone mass
  • And unbeatable tiredness
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Watch out the signs attentively and recheck your exercise schedule before its getting too late to change and prevent heart issues that you may have from heavy workout practice. Always remember that exercise is good for heart health but don’t make it cross the basic level and reach the stage where t can damage your cardiovascular health instead of fortifying it.