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How Has Meditation Changed Your Life?

by Puja
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There’s been a meditation boom for the past few years. I’m sure you’ve heard others saying they meditate, or wish they had meditated more. For many, the thought of meditation brings images of monks sitting on a mountaintop and not moving for hours and refuses to eat. I’ve been practicing meditation for the past 3 years. To be honest, meditating including guided meditations are difficult. It is hard to tap into your mind and explore your world. Three years later, I feel like I’ve progressed to a point that I am experiencing the benefits. So, what changes meditation would bring to your life?

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  • Meditation has been great for relieving anxiety. Meditation helps to manage anxiety in the real world, outside of the meditating space.
  • Meditation connects you with your body like never before. This helps better understand your problem areas and then enabling you to better communicate about these troubles.
  • Meditation helps you to know yourself. Our perceptions of ourselves represent who we think we should be or who we want to be, but they don’t represent who we are at this moment. There is a disconnect between what our thoughts are and what we want, and what the world wants for us or from us. By meditating, you gain the ability to know yourself and what really brings you happiness in order to intentionally choose a path in life that is right for you.
  • Picking up the practice of meditation makes you a much happier person. Because meditation focuses on continually pulling yourself back to the present, you become much more able to experience the moment instead of getting lost in thoughts of the past or worries of the future. Existing solely at this moment and being present to experience whatever is happening right now is enjoyable. We bring negativity into our lives by focusing on past or negatives, instead of existing in the present.

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  • Meditation is an excellent tool for pain management. When you meditate, you bring your attention to your breath and body. In many meditations, you are directed to relax every, muscle. When you meditate well, it helps you manage chronic pain better.
  • Do you struggle to fall asleep because you can’t get your mind to shut up? Then meditation is for you. Meditation significantly eases the time taken to fall asleep. Meditation teaches you how to notice when your mind has wandered, acknowledge the thought, and let it go, you can do this over and over as you are falling asleep, instead of letting your mind run off with every thought it encounters. The meditations for sleep help to relax and unwind the mind and body to quickly fall into a deep sleep. Listen to a sleep story or meditation every night to get better sleep. If you are suffering from insomnia, meditation is for you! Try it.
  • Combat brain fog and get creative. A meditative space is a creative space. Meditating helped me think and see things more clearly. Meditating will help you get to know yourself.
  • Meditating will help you deal with your emotions in a healthy way by giving you a space to channel them. Meditation helps you to be better at handling stressful situations. Meditation makes you better at stepping back from the situation and pausing to collect yourself. Whenever you are put into a difficult situation where you are unsure, you will be better able to stop, focus on taking a deep breath, collect your thoughts, and reply with a meaningful answer, instead of stumbling out some awkward half-answer.
  • Meditation is about focusing on the breath. You are reminded to pull yourself back to the breath and focus on breathing in and out. Whenever you are pulled away by the thought, the aim is to notice that thought and return to the breath. This focus helps you to pull yourself back to your breath whenever something stressful or irritating is going on. Whenever you are stressed or upset about something, pull yourself back to the breath and focus on taking a few deep breaths in and out. This pause gives you a moment to calm down and avoid overreacting.

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  • Learn to know what you need. There are specific meditations for stress, anxiety, grief, pain, happiness, etc. Trying different meditations will help you find out what works best for you and with so many options, there is no looking back.
  • It is important to experience negative and painful emotions and sensations sometimes, as these offer the best opportunities to learn and grow. In unpleasant times, you are better able to experience and learn from the pain while avoiding suffering. Meditation prepares you much better at releasing negative thoughts and emotions after an unpleasant event has happened. The sooner we can accept what has happened and move on, the sooner we can bring ourselves to a state of peace.
  • Meditation helps in learning who you are? People spend their early adulthood “finding themselves.” Meditation helps with that more than pretty much anything else. Too often, we think we want things because others have them or tell us we need them, without realizing that those things won’t improve our lives. We spend too much of our life doing things we hate in order to earn the money we need to make others think we’re happy, without considering what truly brings us joy. Meditation makes you aware of what you want and what brings happiness, as well as what isn’t serving you and needs to be let go.
  • You become able, to be honest with yourself. Sometimes you don’t want to admit hard truths to yourselves, but when those truths keep showing up in your mind, you can acknowledge and let them go so many times before you accept them as true. Being authentic with yourself allows you to live a genuine life, it will bring true happiness than living the life we think we’re supposed to be living. 
  • Instead of running away with your thoughts or over-analyzing them, meditation helps to notice them and consider why you might be having that thought and what that might mean when applied to your life. You know yourself better. Being connected with your thoughts and emotions makes it easier to recognize what you are struggling with and what brings you joy so that you can let go of the things that aren’t right for you and bring in more of what is.
  • Meditation is an integral force that gives you power and direction to help you live a life that is right for you and brings genuine joy and happiness. Being open with yourself and honest with the thoughts it helps you to connect with yourself and live an authentic life.

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  • Many of us aren’t out there searching within ourselves to find the path in life that’s right for us. We want to travel that path but aren’t sure how to listen to the inner voice. Meditation has been the tool that connected us to ourselves and made us self-aware enough to know what’s right for us.
  • Meditation connects you intimately with your thoughts, and often, our thoughts are what’s running amok, preventing us from getting where we need to go. Instead of letting your thoughts and impulses control you, meditation helps you to collect the information that you need, and prevent all of the crap from happening, leading to a happier and fulfilling life that brings you genuine joy every single day.