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How Do I Avoid Heart Disease with Heredity

by Madhushree Ghosh
  • What is Regarded as a Family History of Heart Disease
  • Does Family History Affects Heart Disease
  • How Does Heredity Affect Heart Disease
  • How Do I Avoid Heart Disease with Long Family History of Heart Attacks and Strokes

The possibility of heart disease is often tempted by the family history of a person. It is claimed that people with a long family history of heart attacks are more heart-problem-prone than the rest. Now, you must want to know why this happens, what are the consequences, how to avoid it, etc. So, here we come up with some important queries related to this topic along with their possible explanations, let’s check them out in our further discussion below-

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What is Regarded as a Family History of Heart Disease?

We often hear this phrase of heart disease with family history and assume that having a history of heart attack of any family member. But the true definition of this phrase is that when the first-degree male or first-degree female relatives of a person get incorporated by the signs of heart disease. First degree male relatives like father and brother and first-degree female relatives consequently indicate mother or sister.

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So it can be inherited from mother and father both sides, due to the multifaceted interface between genes and inherited from your parents. The age duration of male relatives counts from age 55, while it counts from 65 for the female first-degree relatives.

Does Family History Affect Heart Disease?

According to the research and studies on heart-related issues, people with serious heart conditions in the family are more likely to have this issue in their life. As in, if anyone has a history of stroke or heart attack or any serious heart condition in their family, they are more liable to have one in their near future.

So, if any of the elders of your family has experienced a serious heart condition, pay serious attention to your heart health immediately. Consider changes in your lifestyle, avoid bad habits, eating healthy, and follow a vigorous lifestyle to start improving your heart health in time.

How Does Heredity Affects Heart Disease?

Heart condition may appear due to several causes like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol level, etc. along with an unhealthy lifestyle. Also, some bad habits like drinking, smoking, eating unhealthy foods, etc. are some other common reasons for heart problems. Now, people from the same family background often survive in the common environment and circumstances. Thus they often end up with the same lifestyle which leads them towards the same conclusion. Depending on the latest studies, a person is more likely to have a heart problem when their hereditary quality combines with a bad lifestyle.

How Do I Avoid Heart Disease with Long Family History of Heart Attacks and Strokes?

Fortunately, one still could avoid heart problems despite a long history of heart attacks and strokes, if that person follows some simple rules and restrictions in their life. Some of the most recommended methods of avoiding heart disease with a long family history of heart problems are as follows-

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Eat Healthily:

Eating a healthy diet always helps us in combating plenty of health conditions and using it to fight back the risk of heart attack is one of the commonest remedies. High-calorie eating habits often lead us towards an inevitable possibility of heart problems. So, limit your calorie intake by making a whole new diet plan for your regular life. Include green vegetables and fruits as much as you can on this list. Spinach, kale, cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, coriander green, etc. veggies and strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, papaya, tangerine, avocado, kiwi, etc. are some great fruits to include in your diet in this attempt.

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Maintain a Healthy Weight:

Maintaining a healthy weight is highly beneficial to avert heart risk and it works even with a clear family history of heart problems too. Count your calories, limit carbohydrates, say no to artificial sugar, avoid sugary beverages, make your snacks at home, cook with healthy alternatives, avoid processed foods, don’t eat junk foods, and exercise regularly. These simple changes in your regular lifestyle can benefit you immensely to maintain a healthy weight. 

Keep Cholesterol Level in Control:

High levels of cholesterol and triglyceride can damage your heart and increase the risk of heart attack even more, especially with a heart-problem history. When a person has a high level of cholesterol, it clogs the arteries with plaques and unwanted buildups. These types of clogs often lead to coronary artery problems as well as heart attacks, and the changes become higher when you already have a family history in this path. So, keeping cholesterol level and triglyceride in check is essential to keep your risk of a heart attack at bay even with a heredity problem. 

Manage Stress:

Stress is inseparably linked with heart issues, so you have to manage your stress level to keep your heart risk subordinate. Stress can hike your other chronic diseases which are related to the heart problem. Studies also found that continuous stress can trigger heart problems and even the chances of heart attack immensely. Stress also towards the way of dangerous habits like drinking, smoking, sleeping issues, overeating, etc. which automatically drag you to the outcome of heart problems. Take therapies, listen to soft music, take rest adequately, talk to your friends, make a helpful circle, and try some of these methods to fight this problem back smartly.


Avoid Bad Habits:

It is clinically proven that consumption of too much alcohol and smoking cigarettes can hike the health problems which cause heart issues. If you are a hardcore alcoholic, limit your consumption first from 8-10 pegs to 4-5 pegs and gradually decrease it to 1-2 pegs a day. Smoking is as much harmful as drinking, so try to limit it too and get rid of this habit entirely if possible. Also, limit your sodium intake, top skipping meals, avid heavy spicy and oily foods, stop sleeping late night, etc. as these are some more bad habits to change to live a hearty life.

Control Diabetes:

Diabetes is a dangerous chronic disease that doubles your risk of heart attack singlehandedly. Diabetes happens when we have a high sugar level in our blood, right? Now in diabetes, overtimes, these increased levels of blood sugar damage your blood vessels along with heart-linked nerves. These nerves and vessels are essential to control as well as manage your heart. So, try to get tasted whether you have diabetes or nor and try to keep the level under control in every possible way to keep the chances of heart attacks less.

Keep Blood Pressure in Control:

Having high blood pressure is a chief risk factor of heart issues, and the chances get increased when you already have a family history with it. The highly spiked blood pressure can hamper normal blood-circulation problems towards the heart and increase the risk of heart problems effectively. So, take initiatives, make possible changes, limit eating habits, and try everything that can help you to keep the blood pressure level normal.

Take Enough Rest:

Taking enough rest and sleep are some steps you must take to keep your heart healthy. Sleeping well is a key to keeping your chronic health issues like blood pressure, blood sugar, obesity, cholesterol, diabetes, etc. in control. So, if you take enough rest or sleep well every day, you can diminish the risk of heart attack expertly. Try to sleep for 6-8 hours in every 24 hours to fulfill the requirement of rest your body needs to revive the energy level again.

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Handle Your Medical Condition:

Look closely if you have any other medical conditions and get medical checkups frequently to keep the risk of having a stroke less. Sometimes chronic health issues like, high BP, hypertension, AFIB, diabetes, high cholesterol, and some artery diseases can bring the possibilities of heart condition more rapidly into your heart. So, always take proper medications and helpful foods that can handle these problems naturally. Handling these issues smartly with proper medical help can reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke even with a long heart problem history in your family!

Stay Updated:

Above all always stay updated about your health and heart condition. Talk to a cardiologist, discuss your routine changes, and check your diet plan with him. Get helpful advice; take any medical test of heart preferred by that expert, change habits which recommend by that expert, and take proper medicines which are prescribed with your medical condition. Always keep yourself updated about your actual health condition, so then you can take recovery step instantly in any emergency.

These are some possible initiatives you should take to avert the possibilities of heart attack even with a history of heart problems.