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How To Crack Your Neck?

by Madhushree Ghosh
how to crack your neck

No doubt neck cracking sounds weird, but people familiar with it know the real benefit hidden behind this activity. If you still feel clues and imagining some kind of aggressive actions on your neck with this phrase of ‘cracking your neck’ hold for a second. Here we come up with a clear idea about what is this all about and how to perform this activity at home like a pro. Let’s check them out below-

  • What is neck cracking?
  • Is it bad to crack your neck?
  • How to crack your neck like a pro?

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What Is Neck Cracking?

Neck cracking is an activity that actually involves giving you relief from any type of neck pain or neck stiffness. The cracking sound you can hear by moving your neck in a particular way is called neck cracking. When someone moves their neck in a certain motion, an air bubble forms and quickly collapses on itself on your neck side, which provides the sound of cracking clearly. This time the joints of neck and ligaments on the neck start to loosen and give you relief from the current stiffness as well as any type of pain from your neck.

Is It Bad To Crack Your Neck?

Neck cracking is not a bad thing at all, especially when you have neck pain or neck pain for any unknown reason. It is common for this computerized era to have neck issues when you have to spend lots of working hours in front of computers. But this temporary relief method may act harmfully when you are cracking your neck the wrong way.

One who is expert in cracking their neck can get several benefits from this method. However, cracking the neck forcefully or in the wrong move can trigger the pain more dangerously. It could even pinch the nerves in your neck and stretch the ligaments in the form of perpetual instability over time. So, generally, it is up to you that cracking your neck would be good or bad for you, based on the intensity as well as expertness you apply to your process. Try to get help from a chiropractor to get a professional touch in your neck cracking procedure.

How To Crack Your Neck Like A Pro?

To practice neck cracking at home flawlessly, you must follow a few essential steps and they are as follows-

  • Contact a chiropractor before performing neck cracking for the first time and you can get a recommendation from a doctor in this matter to the best pick.
  • Talk about the problem and exact panning spot of your neck to a professional chiropractor, before he begins cracking your neck.
  • After getting benefits from professionals repeatedly for a couple of time, you can finally, dare to practice this process at home.
  • First, start loosens your neck muscles by some freehand neck exercises like neck rub, stretch, massage, etc. 20 seconds before practicing the main course.
  • Now, place the hand under your chin by keeping the fingers left side of your face reaching the cheekbone.
  • Cup the chin like this in the palm by your left hand and keep the right hand on the back of your head.
  • Then, push your chin to the left with your left hand and start rotating the head counterclockwise.
  • This time you may hear a feel of cracking along with a mild sound on your neck muscles slightly.
  • Once you finish the movement properly, switch your hand and repeat the process similarly to get the cracking feel on the other side of your neck.
  • Try to remember this time that the cracking sound will be lauder gradually after your every attempt, so try not to be extra hard on your neck just to hear deeper cracking sound during the initial stage of this process.
  • You can get help from a foam roller to practice this action more professionally.
  • Try to keep a foam roller at the curve of your neck and lie on your back with it by keeping your hands quietly beside your body.
  • Now slowly lift up your body from the ground with the base of your feet as well as hands, and keep the bodyweight entirely.
  • Then, roll your neck over the roller by holding that posture appropriately, and keep repeating this process until you get a relief sensation around your neck area.
  • Try to remember that one should stop practicing any type of neck cracking activity once he or she starts feeling any acute pain around their neck at the time of practicing these methods.

Also, try to understand that the neck cracking process is only beneficial for mild neck problems and can give you temporary relief from the pain. So, if you have serious neck problems then consult a doctor or physician immediately instead of practicing neck cracking at home.