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How Can Yoga Affect Our Lives

by Madhushree Ghosh
  • What is yoga all about
  • Does yoga influence your life
  • Can yoga change your personality
  • How yoga affect your life
  • Can yoga makes you live longer
  • How to bring yoga into our lives

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We often hear about the goodness of yoga and get advised to bring it into our lives from several sources. What we need to know is that why we should fetch the habit of yoga in our lives! To do so, we must know how wonderfully yoga affects our lives and able to change it from various aspects. It is always claimed that everyone should allow yoga to enter their lives willingly for a better living. Let’s learn the reasons behind it and some significant roles of yoga in our regular life with this discussion below-

What is Yoga All About?

Yoga is one type of fitness method that works as a group of mental, physical, and spiritual disciplines. This unique trick of keeping our health in check originated in ancient India. Initially, it was appreciated by the Buddhism and Jainism culture in Hinduism. Eventually, the goodness of yoga makes this ancient process one of the most popular fitness methods around the world.

It came from the orthodox category as the school of Hindu philosophical tradition. Due to the countless benefits of practicing yoga, this pre-Vedic Indian tradition gained popularity in overseas countries as well. In this process, we must follow a yoga guru to adapt the asanas accurately and practice those steps accordingly depending on the flexibility of our body.

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Although yoga is a fitness method, it also beatifies our lives from every possible part and shows us how to survive in this world healthily.

Does Yoga Influence Your Life?

The most appreciable quality of yoga is that it influences our life in such a wonderful way that you never can imagine. If ever wonder how a simple fitness method could provide a noticeable impact to our entire life then you must validate the list of goodness we grab from this ancient method!

The reason behind this power of yoga is the core positivity and optimistic effects yoga provides on our lives. Practicing yoga on a regular basis aids you to increase the positive view towards life. In the way of escalating your body flexibility, yoga also improves the flexibility of our mind and makes us more adaptable in the journey of life. It has been observed that a person, who attempts yoga daily, has a wide range of motion and improved mental stability than normal people.

On the other hand, regular yoga practice helps to deal with ample of health issues single-handedly. Consequently, a healthy body and a composed mind make a person well-balanced for life issues naturally. So, that’s how yoga influences our life and influence for a better feature indeed.

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Can Yoga Change Your Personality?

People also seem curious about whether yoga able to change their personality or not.  Well, changing your personality is not a good habit especially, when you do it often, but it could be a better idea when you do it to become a good person. This is not an easy thing to break your old individuality and finding a new one. However, you can get success in this attempt when you focus on the particular attributes, you want to change and yoga does this job brilliantly.


Attempting yoga daily makes you more aware of the good and bad habits of you. This way it helps you to change your previous personality more smoothly, which is convertible. Yoga particularly changes those traits, which enhanced our relationship with others and diminishes those habits, which cause anxiety or stress with them.

This awareness aids us to become more conscious about our regular living like, how we interact with others, what words we use to express our thoughts, what activity we choose to behave publically, etc. It also helps to take decisions depending on our newly found awareness. Hence, you can say that yoga couldn’t change your personality entirely, and it can revolutionize into a better way with the help of some variable attributes in a person.

How Yoga Affect Your Life?

It is the benefit of yoga which helps to affect our life through this ancient fitness process. Hence, you must validate the advantage list of yoga closely to find out how yoga affects our lives so intensely. According to the validation of researchers the most common benefits we can get from regular yoga practice re as follows-

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  1. Wonderfully build our muscle strength and thus treat the muscle issues like arthritis efficiently
  2. Increases flexibility of  your body, which solves ample of health issues with stiff body condition
  3. Decreases the possibilities of lumbar pain, stiff ligament, problematic fascia, back pain, etc.
  4. Teaches you about the perfect body posture and improves your poor posture, which reduces the probability of neck pain, backache joint problem, etc. skillfully
  5. Fortifies your spine and prevent the possibility of the spinal issue by providing beneficial poses to the spinal disk-like compressing nerves catering nutrients to the spine, etc.
  6. Diminishes the possibility of joint breakdown and prevent cartilage by allowing the full range of motion through the regular yoga practice
  7. Detoxifies your lymph and boosts your immunity which makes you skilled in combating infection, destroying dangerous cells, and disposing toxic waste from your cells
  8. Improves the blood circulation in your vessels and caters more oxygen to your cells, which result in fortified heart health naturally
  9. Strengthens bone health, especially due to the practice of weight-based poses, which helps in preventing the possibility of osteoporosis efficiently
  10. Lowers the level of stress and decreases the emission of cortisol hormone which causes the stress in our mind
  11. The lower level of this hormone also aid stay calcium in bone and thus result in more fortified bone health with brilliant bone density
  12. Teaches you how to get relief from depression improves a better heart rate, which causes a lower risk of heart attack
  13. Works effectively in controlling hypertension issue and thus helps in controlling high blood pressure
  14. Normalizes your adrenal gland and works for a better immune system in your body
  15. Enhances your mood and makes happier by treating stress, hypertension, and other mental issues
  16. Helps in lowering blood sugar level with an impactful effect on insulin level and diminishes the risk  of diabetes completely
  17. Increases your mind ability and focusing skill by an improved concentration power, especially with the regular practice of meditation category of yoga
  18. Helps to get a well-maintained nervous system with enhanced blood flow in your sensitive body parts including your pelvis area
  19. Induces your sleep by an improved nevus system and decreased stress level, which solves plenty of health issues at once
  20. And braces your intestine powerfully which prevent several digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome, ulcer, gas, constipation, etc. skillfully

The habit of regular yoga practice also provides some other trivial benefits to our health including these abovementioned foremost advantages like-

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  • improving our self-esteemed
  • increasing our patience
  • easing pain in your entire body
  • providing peace of mind
  • strengthening your lungs and improving lung-health
  • increasing your mental ability
  • build an expert awareness
  • treating sinus problem
  • improving your healing ability
  • promoting the habit of self-care
  • establishing a positive point of view
  • and encouraging your body in combating allergies or viruses expertly

If you get benefited such countess advantages by one single method then, it is superfluous to say that it indescribably affects your life. Thus people, who practice yoga daily, are always touched positively by its amazing transformative quality.    


Can Yoga Make You Life Longer?

Living healthily is important than living longer, isn’t it? However, what about getting both qualities from one receptacle? Well, yoga is something we can make use of wonderfully here. We all know that practicing yoga improves our health and cure several health issues of our body. But the most fascinating quality of yoga is to inspire us for self-care.

A constant and improved self-care habit can bring us into the circle of a longer life span. So, if anyone asks whether yoga increases our life longevity or not, the answer is undoubtedly yes!

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How to Bring Yoga into Our Lives?

To bring yoga into your life and to be a regular yoga practitioner you must follow a few simple steps attentively and they are-

  • Be sure about your adaption of yoga regularly in the first place
  • Then seek out a yoga guru with proper skill or find a CD with the perfect yoga instruction
  • Decide when to start and find a suitable place in your house where you can practice your session uninterruptedly
  • Now, start your practice immediately without delaying for any more days and try to be consistent with your attempt perfectly
  • Decide when to finish as well at the beginning to avoid any kind of overdoes of your yoga session
  • Hack into a rhythm through your yoga practice but save yourself from being a dictator
  • Try to take off the day after every few whiles to motivate your entire system and keep your healthy habits rejuvenated
  • Learn where to put poses in your life before bringing yoga in your daily schedule
  • Finally, focus on your poses and postures attentively and make sure you are doing them correctly; as any wrong or poor posture can bring you unwanted health damages even permanently!

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