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10 At Home Abs Workout To Get 6-Pack Abs

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10 At Home Abs Workout To Get 6-Pack Abs

Want to get six packs? But are you aware of what all workouts to go for it? Have you heard that abs are built in the kitchen, not in your gym? Yes, it is true. But if you want six-packs abs, then it is essential to select the perfect workout training. These below ten home abs workouts consisted of chosen abdominal exercises to work upper and lower muscles. Go and experience these workouts three to four times a week. Stick to a healthy and full of protein diet, which will go easy with calories. Lifting and cardio in the proper amount of work well, which gives the best results in it.

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So, let us explore with the workouts –

V Sit-ups

This workout is usually popular as V-ups or V sit-ups, which target the core and are suitable for intermediate or experts – not for the beginners. How many sets to do?

Reps – 10

First, lie on toes with feet and temples on the floor with your knees forward to your chest. And as you bend, your elbows must pass through your knees. Lower the feet and upper back downwards, but never let it touch you before you begin your next repetition. In the beginning, you can change and use hands assistance or can do it with the legs bent.

It works in an effective way for recognizing the rectus abdominis, ligaments external as well as internal along with hip flexors whenever improving stem and spine balancing. Never feel alone if you can reach 10 to 12 v sit ups ab workout without fail. Feeling new is that exercise is useful for you.

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Straight leg raising

This workout is for beginners involving hips as well as abs workouts. Reps depend on you and your strength.

Lie back with your hands by head or sides – keep your feet altogether. Now raise your legs as high as you can do it with keeping them straight. Also, maintain tension on your lower abs as you return slowly to the beginning position.

Abs and lower extremities are the areas where excessive fat gets stored. This workout, which does not need any equipment or tour to the gym allows you to burn fat quickly in those areas. Straight leg raising makes your lower muscles of abdomen strong and also able to burn fat in your lower abs. It is a challenging workout for beginners, but repetitions will give you better and quicker results.

Stick to this workout three to four times in a week, and with that, also ignore the low calories diet.

Weight crunches

Weight crunches are for the intermediate level people where abdominals are focused more. Lie back with your bent knees holding a dumbbell above your chest in your hands with straight arms. Crunch it upwards, pausing for seconds at the top and then lowering back to the starting.

It enables you to train at the lower rape range when bodyweight crunches are light. It helps core muscles to grow and be more defined.

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Weight Seat Russian Twist

Weight seat Russian twist workout is for the beginners focusing on your side abs. Sit on the floor with your bent knees and raised feet with holding a dumbbell in front of you. Twist to one side and then on the other. Then again to the middle. Always keep your feet down on the floor.

This workout probably focuses on isometric strength where it promotes energy and has some obstacles, but then no movement takes place for example – plants, walls, etc. During the Russian twist, elevators focus and twists but also need to maintain and control the cuts throughout the core.

Weighted T raise

Weight T raise is perfect for the beginners who have the desire for six-packs abs. Begin in a press-up position having the dumbbell in your hands. Hold up your core tight, lift weights, and rotate your torso along with the following weight. Then start with feet upside down by replacing your lift arms with every roll.

Strength training not only activates you physically but also enhances your ability to perform your daily activities. With the proper right weight training activities, you can work for a long time and hard. It focuses on the density of your bones. It also decreases the sarcopenia along with the promotion of fat-free body mass.

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Marching planks

Marching planks are hard to do, and so it is for intermediates involving abs and shoulders focusing. First, lie on the floor and then make sure your elbows are bent to 90 degrees, and both your forearms are resting on the floor. Slowly and steadily lift your body off the ground and do not arch your back. Keep your abs and glutes tight. Once your body makes the straight line from head to the feet heels, begin your marching by raising one leg following another.

Scissors Abs Workout

It is a perfect fit workout for beginners, which focuses on abs and lower backs. Lie on your back with your pressing arms onto the floor. Then start raising your legs in the air slowly and flutter up and down without touching the ground. This workout is in the cardIo that helps to increase the heart rate, which delivers more oxygen to the muscles for burning the fat.

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Mountain climbing

Beginners can follow this workout that affects almost the entire body by raising your heart rate. You can add it to your morning workout routine at home. This cardio focuses on the core strength but is perfect for the overall entire body workout also.


If you want six-packs abs, then the inchworm workout is for you as it is the part of a high-intensity workout – that not only power-ups strength but also flexibility in your body. It needs no equipment and uses the weight of the body to make this exercise efficient.

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Butterfly Kicks

Beginners can enjoy doing this workout. First, you need to lie on the mat holding a single dumbbell or any medicine ball in your hands. Then lift your shoulders off the ground holding the dumbbell overhead along with lifting legs upwards from the floor, and drive your lower back on the mat. Then move your feet up and down like you are having air swimming. It will give better results.

These above workouts are easy to do at home. And if you are willing to get six packs abs, then hit these workouts three to four times a week for better results.

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