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Healthy ways to boost the rate of muscle gain

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More muscles imply more strength. Your body becomes stronger when you lift heavyweights. This results in muscles gain. Lift heavy weights to gain muscle mass naturally. There is a guide to building muscle naturally.

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  • Work with a pro

A certified trainer or a physical therapist can design a program tailored to your needs and abilities. That way you’ll get the results you want without muscle strains and ligament tears. Ask your doctor to prescribe physical therapy if you’re recovering from injury or a chronic health problem. If you’re in good health, seek out supervised programs, such as those offered at senior centres or a private health club.

  • Weights and bands
weight lose

You’ll likely use weights such as dumbbells and weight machines to build muscle but don’t forget resistance bands. These bands resemble large flat or tubular rubber bands. It provides resistance while you’re in a variety of positions, as opposed to the limited amount of movements you perform using free weights or weight machines. Weights and bands provide resistance to the muscles, which ignites physical change in the tissue. It allows the muscles
to generate more force.

  • Get more sleep

After the training session, muscles need 48 hours to re-knit. Avoid strength exercises on consecutive days. Sleep is a vital key to muscle recovery. Sleep allows proper healing of the stressed tissues. Around eight hours of sleep will give your body time to repair muscle tissue and replenish your muscle’s energy stores. Lack of sleep may cause a break down of the muscles without rebuilding.

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  • Watch your diet

A healthy diet is necessary for strong muscles. A combination of protein sources, grain-based carbohydrates, and fruits and vegetables must be part of your diet. Work with a dietitian to come up with a baseline of your body needs to build muscle and keep up energy. Eat protein to grow muscles. Exercise training breaks down your muscles. Protein builds them again. If you work out vigorously, it is important to consider the protein intake to solidify recovery. Eggs, Greek yogurt, or one scoop of protein powder are rich sources of protein.

  • Use daily activities

Don’t limit muscle building to workouts. Take advantage of daily activities to boost muscle gain. Lift that carton of milk a few times before you put it back, to build your arm muscles; use the stairs whenever possible, to build the muscles in your legs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen. Get active while talking on the phone or standing in the queue by doing leg lifts and heel raises, to strengthen the leg- muscles.

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  • Drink water

Muscle strength training causes water loss through sweating which may delay muscle recovery. It won’t increase your muscle mass. Drink sufficient water to prevents dehydration.

  • Focus on calorie surpluses, not deficits

Consume more calories than you burn each day to gain quick muscle mass. When your body consumes fewer calories than you’re burning each day, the body’s tendency to build new muscle decreases. Eat at least 250 to 500 extra calories per day. Any weight gain should be from muscles. The bulk of those calories must come from protein. As per a study, people who consumed a high-calorie, protein rich diet, stored about 40 percent of those calories as muscle. Those following a low-protein diet with the same number of calories stored 91 percent of those calories as fat.

  • Snack on casein before bedtime

Casein protein absorbs gradually into the bloodstream. It keeps the muscles full of amino acids for longer compared to other types of protein such as whey and plant proteins. Consuming casein protein immediately before bedtime boosts levels of circulating amino acids for 7 hours. They built muscle during the night. Consume cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, and milk. For smoothie lovers, casein-based protein powder works well.

  • Get more sleep

Muscle recovery requires more than nutrition. It takes time, roughly eight hours per night for recovery. The human body releases human growth hormone which helps to grow muscle and keeps levels of the stress hormone cortisol in check. According to a study, sleeping for five hours for just a week cuts muscle-building testosterone levels by 10 to 15 percent. It is recommended that adults ages 18 to 64 should sleep for seven to nine hours per night.

  • Supplementing with creatine

Creatine effectively promotes muscle growth. Researchers have concluded that, at a given weight, supplementing with creatine can help you lift 14 percent more reps than you can without supplements. For the best results, opt for creatine monohydrate, the most researched form of the supplement.

  • HMB

Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate is a natural compound produced in the human body that prevents muscle-protein breakdown. It promotes muscle growth and exercise recovery. It’s difficult to increase levels through food alone. That’s where supplementation is needed. HMB prevents the effects of overtraining and muscle loss. To boost the rate of muscle gain, take HMB supplements or protein and creatine powders that come with HMB baked right in.

  • Be Consistent

There is no such thing as progress, growth or change without consistency. Results won’t happen overnight and building muscle isn’t something you can just put a few weeks of worth into and expect lasting results from. Staying consistent is the most important and yet the hardest part of building muscle or sticking to any nutrition plan. Consistency is an important factor for success. It is important to choose a diet that you know you can stick to. Build your foundation, keep training regularly, focus on getting your diet right most of the time. Then try to be patient. The results will come!